Welcome to 131 Marketing Plan by Creactive Inc., where we specialize in propelling any home services business- Roofers, Plumbers, HVAC contractors, Remodelers, Landscapers, Lawn Care, Tree Services, and Handyman  – into unmatched growth. Our unique marketing approach guarantees not just leads but leads that convert into prospects within 131 days, ensuring a solid return on your investment.


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  1. Streamlined Lead Capture: The app automatically captures and inputs leads into your CRM system from various channels, including online platforms, ensuring comprehensive lead acquisition.
  2. Smart Lead Segmentation: Leads are intelligently categorized within the app, facilitating targeted and personalized outreach. This ensures each prospect receives communication that resonates with their specific needs and interests.
  3. Automated Follow-Up Sequences: Tailored follow-up actions are triggered based on each lead’s behavior and preferences, as identified through the app. These actions range from personalized emails to timely reminders, optimizing engagement and conversion potential.
  4. Insightful Analytics: Creactive’s app provides detailed analytics, offering a clear view of your lead generation and nurturing efforts. This data-driven approach enables continuous optimization of strategies for better results.
  5. Effortless Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and systems, creating a unified platform that enhances operational efficiency and reduces manual workload.
  6. Elevated Customer Experiences: By automating routine tasks and responses, your team can focus on delivering high-quality services. Quick, personalized interactions made possible by the app lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  7. Turns missed-calls into an SMS conversation: Every time an inbound call to your business goes unanswered, we’ll send a text message back to the caller within seconds!

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Our Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

  • Text Content: “At 131 Marketing, our UVP is our unparalleled commitment to your business’s growth. We blend innovative, data-driven marketing techniques with industry-specific insights, ensuring your investment translates into real, measurable business expansion.


The 131-Day Guarantee

  • Our 131-Day Guarantee is our bond of trust with you. If our strategies do not yield an increase in prospects, ensuring a positive ROI by the 131st day, we will honor our promise of a full refund.
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Q&A 131 Marketing Plan

What exactly is the 131 Marketing Plan?

The 131 Marketing Plan is a specialized marketing solution for home service businesses, including Roofers, Plumbers, HVAC contractors, Remodelers, Landscapers, Lawn Care, Tree Services, and Handyman.  It focuses on generating not just leads, but leads that convert into prospects within 131 days. This plan integrates various marketing strategies tailored specifically to your business needs through social media marketing, unique content creation, and more.

How does the 131-Day Guarantee work?

Our 131-Day Guarantee is a commitment to your business’s success. If our marketing strategies do not yield a measurable increase in prospects within 131 days, we will issue a full refund. We track the progress and impact of our strategies meticulously to ensure we meet this benchmark.

What kind of businesses can benefit from the 131 Marketing Plan?

The 131 Marketing Plan is ideal for home service providers such as Roofers, Plumbers, HVAC contractors, Remodelers, Landscapers, Lawn Care, Tree Services, and Handyman.  It’s designed to cater to the unique challenges and opportunities in these industries, ensuring tailored marketing strategies that resonate with your specific target audience.

How is the 131 Marketing Plan implemented?

Implementation begins with an in-depth analysis of your current marketing efforts and business goals. We then develop a customized strategy that includes various digital marketing tactics such as SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content creation, and more. Regular updates and reports keep you informed about the progress.

What makes the 131 Marketing Plan different from other marketing services?

Our plan is not just about generating leads; it’s about generating quality leads that turn into prospects. Combining our 131-Day Guarantee, industry-specific customization, and holistic approach to digital marketing sets us apart. We focus on tangible results and a clear ROI, which is not commonly guaranteed in standard marketing services.

How will the success of the marketing plan be measured?

Success is measured through various metrics, including lead quantity and quality, conversion rates, website traffic, engagement rates on social media, and, ultimately, the number of prospects generated within the 131 days. We use advanced analytics tools to provide transparent and detailed reporting.

Can I customize the 131 Marketing Plan according to my business’s specific needs?

Absolutely. The 131 Marketing Plan is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that each business has its unique challenges and goals, and our plan is flexible enough to accommodate specific requirements and preferences.

What support will I receive throughout the marketing campaign?

You will have a dedicated team assigned to your campaign, providing ongoing support and guidance. This includes regular check-ins, updates on the progress of your campaign, and responsive assistance for any queries or adjustments you may wish to make.