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3 of the Best Lead Generation Websites for Contractors

Best lead generation websites for contractors

local marketing expertsThere are many options available today when it comes to creating traffic and generating potential construction leads and clients for businesses.

For those professionals who specialize in home repair and other similar contracting work, there are a lot of different avenues they could take when attempting to secure leads and potentially close deals for their services.

Marketing sites are available all over the internet, but the best lead generation websites for contractors offer ways for them and other craftspeople to obtain leads and market their company’s service to individual homeowners who may need anything from a simple maintenance task performed to the repair of a plumbing issue or even a home renovation project.


But there is also a tremendous amount of value in having one’s own source of leads and potential customers, which are created through their own customized marketing and advertising strategies as well. So with that in mind, here are 3 of the best ways for contractors and those in similar professions to acquire or generate business leads:

So here are The Best Lead Generation Websites for Contractors

#1 – Your Own Personalized Website

We started with this one because not only is it the only way to guarantee that the leads generated favor a particular business or service specifically, but also because it is unique to the other two options on our list in that they are not competing directly against other companies or individual contractors that have purchased the same leads.


In actuality, when a person or business uses their own internet marketing service with their own specialized and custom SEO services, they are producing leads that are seeking out the exact services that they provide.


On top of that, since they were produced using lead generation services designed for them and their business in particular, the customer will most likely already be familiar with them, making the initial contact easier and eliminating the process of having to explain who they are and how they received the customer’s information, as is much more common with purchased leads.


Here are a few specific types of work leads that can be expected when using custom digital marketing and custom web design services:



The options really are limitless depending on what types of services can most heavily be advertised, as well as how much investment is willing to be put into creating one of the best lead generation websites for contractors.


But regardless, the fact remains that when it comes to procuring leads for a business, having an internet marketing service is usually the best option for long term business and filling a customer pipeline.


#2 – Homeadvisor

When it comes to the popular online marketing giants that are in the field today, there is little doubt that Homeadvisor Pro sits atop the mountain. While there is potential benefit in partnering with a company that generates so many home improvement leads for various types of contracting and construction specialties, it also comes with a significant number of drawbacks as well.


In addition to the fact that the construction leads themselves can already be quite expensive, it must also be considered that these same leads are being sold to other contractors, meaning that even though they could be paying as much as $200 for a single prospective client, that information isn’t even exclusive!


This means that not only are they having to invest a significant amount of their company’s financial resources into these leads, but also the time necessary to contact them, pitch them on the services and benefits and close the deal, they are also having to do it before someone else does.


One of the most common issues we found was that many contractors said they never even got to the phone call or live contact stage with many of the leads they purchased.


#3 – Thumbtack

Finally, we come to Thumbtack Pro; a home service leads generation site that is similar to Homeadvisor in a few ways but also offers a few distinctions as well.

Among them is the fact that it is free to join and users get their own custom profile to market and display their services, but with some of the negatives also associated with the site, we still find it lacking overall.

When considering the fact this it is a bidding-based service, the individual contractor or company (usually someone else) that is willing to do the job for the lowest bid almost always gets awarded the job. One of the biggest complaints was that these bottom bidders are usually offering the service for what would be at best a break-even bid for anyone else.


This makes it very difficult to capitalize on a number of leads and goes to further prove the fact that using lead generation services with a custom digital marketing strategy is simply the best and most effective method of driving traffic and creating prospective clients.

Why an Internet Marketing Service?

With all this being said, internet marketing takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight and will take time to yield tangible results. This is why lead generation websites have become so valuable for home services type businesses.

Nobody is suggesting putting all your eggs in one basket, at the same time, branding and marketing your business online will yield results for many years to come. Take a portion of every job and project and invest in your company, in a couple of years you won’t need to deal with lead websites, you will have your own!

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