Be it an office or your home, many spaces we occupy can “be dumbed down” for accessibility. You no longer have to make your home or office cluttered and messy just because you have a specific physical disability.

There are modifications like roll-in showers, wheelchair ramps, automatic doors, and kitchens that can accommodate differently abled people without compromising the look of the space.

Learn how to modify your home or office to make it more comfortable for the elderly, disabled, and injured.

This post will teach you how to do so while maintaining your aesthetics. It will also review one of the best contractors to turn to for disability remodeling in Warren, MO.

What is Handicap Remodeling?


Handicap remodeling focuses on making a space more accessible for people with disabilities, including people in wheelchairs or who have other mobility impairments. These people require special modifications in their lives to live with minimal difficulties.

These modifications can make your home or workspace more functional and easier to live in. It can also help you save money on expenses such as renting adapted hotel rooms or installing power rails and lifts for bathrooms and living spaces.

Why is this important?

Disability remodeling is vital for a more comfortable life, especially for older adults with mobility issues, young adults with physical problems such as arthritis, and survivors of accidents or injuries.

Disability remodeling is an excellent way of improving life for people with disabilities. The inability to live in a regular home is one of the reasons many older adults give up their homes.

What Services Does Handicap Remodeling Include?

Many works that go into handicap remodeling can vary depending on what is required for different conditions.

In a residential or commercial set, several areas can be made accessible, from the restrooms and kitchens to the living room. We’ll focus on the two main areas: the bathroom and the basement.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom can transform it into an accessible space. By simply installing a roll-in shower and a grab bar, you can make it something more usable.

It can be simple, an accessible door and grab bars. But it can also be a complete remodel, with walk-in tubs and curbless showers.

Roll-in Showers

Roll-in showers, for instance, come in a wide range of designs and are very convenient for disabled people. Not only does it make bathing effortless, but it also makes the bathroom appear more appealing and hygienic.

These showers are almost similar to the curbless designs as they have no elevated areas, allowing people using scratches or wheelchairs to get in without trouble.

Roll-in showers also have a sleek and area-saving design. With a roll-in shower, you can also use the additional space in the shower for storing personal belongings, such as towels or washcloths, on the shelf provided.

Grab Bars

To accommodate those who may have difficulties using the bathroom or doing so independently, grab bars should be installed into the bathroom toilet and bathtub.

Grab bars support the person who wishes to get in or out of the shower or bathtub. It prevents them from falling and injuring themselves.

It is also a great addition to your bathroom if you have aging parents or family members who visit your home regularly.

Grab bars can be installed in several designs; there are small round bars that function just like handrails and are light enough not to cause any damage to floors, tubs, and toilets. On top of being convenient for access, grab bars also add style when installed in your bathroom.

Sinks & Countertops

A sink and counter can also be modified for accessibility. For instance, sink tops that include a lip at the bottom serve as a barrier preventing water from spilling onto the floor if someone is unable to reach to wash their hands or take a bath.

Walk-in Tubs

The most desired type of tub by disabled people is the walk-in tub. It usually consists of small steps and a curved profile.

Since it has no elevated parts, nothing is needed to get in or out of it. That makes it one of the most accessible options for people with physical disabilities.

Toilet seats

It is essential to include a toilet seat that is wheelchair accessible. It may seem unnecessary, but for some people with disabilities, a toilet seat can be the difference between remaining seated or sinking into the bowl.

It can also prevent unnecessary injuries and make going to the bathroom less stressful.

Basement Remodeling

A remodeled basement can make an encumbered home more accessible. If your basement is only partially finished, you can convert it into a floor plan accommodating wheelchair users.

Some of the modifications you can consider for your basement include the following:

  1. Install a ramp for wheelchairs up to the main floor. There are also stair lifts for such purposes.
  2. Add an automatic door that won’t close too fast, making it easier to open and close. Some doors can also be opened remotely using a handheld remote control or a switch in your car key chain.
  3. Install a handrail for safety when entering the basement stairs or during wheelchair use. It is easy to attach to the existing banister, making the basement stairs wider.
  4. Modify the doorway to be wheelchair-friendly by widening the entrance by a few inches and lowering the door to make it easier for wheelchair users.
  5. Install an automatic lighting system in the basement to light when someone enters the dark space.

Convert your basement into an attractive and accessible first floor with a roll-in shower, a walk-in bathtub, space for wheelchairs, and an emergency call system.

While these are the critical handicap remodeling features, there are many more, including modular kitchens, walk-in tubs, low step-in showers, low couches, and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

How Much Does Handicap Remodeling Cost?

The cost of your handicap remodeling project will depend on the work needed.

For instance, if you want to build a wheelchair ramp, you may need to hire an expert who can make the correct measurements and drawings of the project so that it comes out right.

The costs can add up depending on your local contractors. Installing grab bars can cost between $50-$350, while a roll-in shower can usually set you back $1,000-$12,000.

Meanwhile, the proper installation of a door threshold can cost anywhere between $25-$125. However, that depends on what type you want.

These are estimates, but you can consult an expert to ensure you get the right idea of how much your handicap remodeling project will cost in your area.

Handicap Remodeling in Warren MO

Several companies can offer services in disability remodeling, but some come with more impressive portfolios and more effective services than others.

Below is a company in Warren, MO, that has an impressive service:

Accessibility Home Improvements

Based in O’ Fallon, MO, and serving most of the surrounding community, including Warren County, Lincoln County, St. Louis County, Accessibility Home Improvements is a full-service home remodeling company offering a range of services under one roof.

This company is experienced in everything remodeling, from kitchen renovations to bathroom remodeling, home additions, basement finishing, exterior remodeling, and much more.

The company takes pride in its work and can provide references upon request. They are fully licensed and insured, so you will not have to worry about legal issues when engaging them for your disability remodeling.

Accessibility Home Improvements has a track record of satisfied clients. While a satisfied client may be happy to recommend their services to friends and family, you can also be sure about the company’s abilities by reading testimonials from previous clients.

One of their comments read:

“Excellent workmanship, quality, and price! Pleased with the practicality and cleanup. Jon and the staff were very nice.”

Accessibility Home Improvement offers various home maintenance or improvement services, including:

  1. Basement Remodeling
  2. Kitchen Remodeling
  3. Bathroom Remodeling
  4. Handicap Remodeling
  5. Complete Home Remodeling Services
  6. Additions
  7. Handyman service

They also provide a free quotation with no obligation, and you can get it by contacting them or by filling out a simple form on their website.

In addition to the many services offered, there are more reasons to choose the company for your disability remodeling project. Here are some of their main attributes:

  1. Cost-effective. The company specializes in quality and reasonable prices for residential services.
  2. High-quality products and professional installation.
  3. Guaranteed satisfaction with all jobs. If you’re not happy with their work, they will come back to correct it at no charge.
  4. All projects are backed by warranty.
  5. All work is performed by licensed and insured contractors.
  6. References are available upon request.
  7. Same day service.

This company can make your old home or new build handicap-friendly, transforming it into a more comfortable space that you can easily access with any disability or physical limitations.

Call them today to schedule an appointment for your specific needs in Warren, MO.


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