Elegance is the key word when it comes to this company’s work, and Gloria’s Elegant Interior & Consulting certainly lives up to its name. Having won Omaha Magazine’s “Best Interior Designer” award three years in a row speaks volumes for the quality of service and design you will receive from Gloria and her company.

Interior Designers Omaha

A well-known and respected interior designer for more than 20 years, people are drawn to Gloria and her meticulous work for every type of interior design and remodeling project you can think of. She has firmly entrenched herself as one of the very best interior designers Omaha has to offer and she relishes the opportunity to bring your dreams to life and transform your home or business.

Some of Gloria’s key services include:

Their goal is to create your passion, your vision, and bring it to vivid life right before your very eyes. Nothing looks more stunning than seeing your dreams become a reality, exceeding even your own expectations.

What Gloria and Her Team Can Achieve

Gloria is the project manager for all designing and remodeling that her company takes on. Changes in the home can be stressful, but it’s Gloria’s goal to take all the stress upon herself, leaving the homeowner free of worry or concern while she brings about the reality of your home remodeling desires.

Whether your tastes are elegant and traditional, arty or modern and sleek, just convey what you want to Gloria and she will make certain that it happens just the way you want it.

Customer satisfaction comes through providing the client with what they want, along with quality design, workmanship and a reliable and affordable service. This is what Gloria’s Elegant Interior & Consulting brings to the table every time they take on a new project.

Gloria and her team have perfected the art of interior design and remodeling and you won’t find anyone better in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

First Class Interior Design

With quality interior design at the core of the company’s business, Gloria is backed by more than two decades of experience. The word “elegant” can mean different things to different people, but what is always consistent is that no matter what your visions are, Gloria can make them happen and the results will always be of the very highest quality.

Her reputation precedes her in this industry and she will never disappoint.

Good interior designers understand that it’s as much an art as it is a science. Interior design is not just about mapping out ideas or choosing materials, it’s also about effective use of space and color and the innate ability to take ideas from a customer and actually make them a reality.

You have your own tastes and styles, and Gloria’s Elegant Interior & Consulting will always work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

So call today for a friendly chat about your project, for home or for business.

Service Areas: Omaha Nebraska – Phone: (402) 964-0762


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