Algorithm that Homeadvisor uses HomeAdvisor is a service that helps match contractors with prospective customers or even B2B transactions. Joining in is quite straightforward.

You merely have to make your account by filling out the form and answering a few basic questions. The algorithm will then find you a potential match and notify you if the attempt is successful.


There are 30 million homeowners who are subscribed to the service, and that is the potential target market. It will help you grow your business by providing you with highly targeted prospects. 


For the customer, HomeAdvisor is a vital service because it eliminates the need for them to screen contractors. They can pick and choose anybody at their own pace to complete a project. It takes out the pain of screening the background of contractors to make sure their operations are legitimate.


So, homeowners simply submit the requirements and the task at hand to the HomeAdvisor Pro account, and the ProFinder technology will generate the best results. Much like search engines, the algorithm will come up with a shortlist based on geolocation, availability, capacity, and category. 


Once a match is made, the homeowner’s information will be sent to the contractor, and this serves as your lead. It is now up to you to close the deal. 


Is Home Advisor Pro Worth it for Contractors?


HomeAdvisor is not a new website. It has been existing since 1998. Over the years, several websites were launched and subsequently shuttered. One of the simplest explanations for its longevity is its effectiveness. Homeowners love the no-frills business model, and for the most part, the matches were almost perfect. 


It takes time to earn the customer’s trust, and contractors can piggyback on HomeAdvisor Pro’s credibility to grow their business. The setup is particularly advantageous for new entrants who are still building their names in a highly competitive industry. According to estimates, there are nearly nine million production workers in the US construction industry. It would be tough for new companies to carve a niche in this high-density environment.


In essence, you can avoid expensive advertising costs and get your business up and running right away. Finally, it provides you a platform to reach out to new markets while maintaining your marketing costs.


Over the years, too, HomeAdvisor also slowly built its brand and credibility. When homeowners look for reliable information on project costs, for instance, they turn to HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List.


Angie’s List vs. HomeAdvisor


As of 2017, HomeAdvisor acquired Angie’s List in a buyout worth $500 million. For a long time, the two companies were bitter rivals in contractor-customer matching by generating leads for businesses and as a resource platform for homeowners. 


Angie’s List is a freemium home service marketplace as opposed to the free service of HomeAdvisor. 


Both have been around for over two decades so they already managed to leave a mark. They also established themselves as the foremost authority in home renovation and repair. 


How Much Does HomeAdvisor Pro Cost?


what are the cost to be apro If you are a new contractor, you might be hesitant to spend about $300 per year in membership fees for HomeAdvisor Pro. But that is only the basic fee.

You will also pay for each lead sent to your business. The price ranges from $15 up to $60 per lead. The price scale will depend on the size of the lead. 

But the average returns can be fourfold. For instance, if you spent $1,000 on leads, you will likely earn four times the figure. So, for a $25 lead, you potentially generate $100 in income. Just converting on three of those leads will already cover your $300 basic service fee.


The business model is simple enough. You sign up for the service, the website will take care of routing a specific number of customer leads down your way each month. But you need to understand that a customer lead does not automatically result in income. Make sure that you contact the customer immediately, like within minutes of receiving the lead. It will drastically increase your chances of closing the deal. 


Also, when you are just starting, take on small jobs first. At least, until you built your name. Lastly, do not rely on HomeAdvisor as your primary platform to find customers. It should help you get a leg up over the competition, but it should also complement your other efforts for a more sustainable marketing strategy. 


In conclusion, becoming a HomeAdvisor Pro is an excellent platform to find new customers and grow your business. It is worth a try, particularly if you are a new business.