whats a Thumbtack Pro? When it comes to the trading of goods and services, more and more consumers and providers are turning to online marketplaces. This makes the internet a very valuable resource for business owners looking to connect with prospective clients. Thanks to websites like Thumbtack, it is easier than ever to find an array of service providers.

For the many service professionals, the world can be highly competitive and it is not surprising that the majority of small business startups fail within the first year. Much of this is down to the failure to capture sufficient clientele.

Becoming a Thumbtack Pro is a great way to gain direct contact with potential paying customers and make the kind of impression that leads to repeat business and good word of mouth. Here are the steps to take in joining the Thumbtack movement.

How It Works

When a consumer wants to get a job done, they need only log on to the website and search for professionals in the particular service they want to hire. When carrying out their search, they have access to information such as ratings, prices charged and the profiles of potential hires. Once they narrow down to some top choices, the customers then make contact with the providers through a phone call, messaging or booking.

They provide details on the job they want to be done. It is then up to the provider to respond to this lead if they want the job. This is how the system works from the point of view of the customer. Now we can look at what is required to sign up as a Thumbtack Pro.

This is the starting point where a contractor selects the particular service niche that best matches their business. The initial selection is general, but on moving forward, a contractor can pick out one or more of the particular services they wish to offer. If a specific service that the contractor offers is not listed, they then click on the other section, and an additional list relating to the service category will be provided.

The next section focuses on how a contractor prefers to connect with the client. This refers to whether they can travel to the client, or the client should come to them. The contractor can also indicate whether they prefer communicating on phone or through online messaging. What follows is the completion of the personal information page, which includes details such as the first and last name of the contractor, their address, and phone number.

  • Complete The Profile

remodeling thumbtack pro Here is where contractors get a chance to market themselves. This is the page that most customers will use in determining whether to reach out or not. Details required include the contractor’s business name, and what makes his or her business stand out. In the end, the contractor provides ID details before submitting. A business logo image or the contractor’s photo can be used as a profile picture.

For those contractors that have work experience, and made a good impression with past clients, it is a good idea to have them provide reviews. Thumbtack Pro reviews can be added by sending the clients a link to the review page. A profile with positive reviews will be more highly ranked and likely to receive plenty of leads.

The final step is to purchase some credits. These credits will, in turn, pay for the leads that a contractor chooses to respond to. Once credits have been bought, a contractor can begin responding to leads. Keep in mind that the number of credits charged will vary according to the value of the job being offered.

Thumbtack Pro Benefits

  • It is a great marketing tool for beginners. Many independent contractors starting from scratch lack the kind of online presence needed to generate their own leads. Thumbtack provides an online platform with many existing potential clients who can be converted to paying customers. A contractor can easily fill up their schedule and end up with a large roster of repeat clients.
  • Another benefit for newbies is being able to better price their services. They can look at what their Thumbtack competitors are quoting and see what they can do to beat them. It is important to however do sufficient market research when pricing to ensure money is not being lost.
  • When comparing Thumbtack vs HomeAdvisor, it is clear that there is a lower cost. With Thumbtack, a contractor pays for the leads he wants, while with HomeAdvisor he pays as long as there has been a match. The home improvement leads generated through Thumbtack are as a result of customers specifically choosing the contractors they want to hear from. This is more targeted and improves the chances of securing the job.
  • Grow with it. Beginners are most likely to stick to small jobs and can set a low price range for the jobs they would want. With more experience, however, a contractor can make adjustments to their profile to attract more lucrative projects. Being a Thumbtack Pro allows one to adjust their profile alongside the growth of the business, or vice versa if the business experiences setbacks.

How To Make The Most Of Thumbtack

  1. Review potential leads well. A contractor should make sure they are qualified for the job and can work within the budget on offer if indicated. They should not waste time responding to leads they are poorly qualified for, as it will cost money and time.
  2. Respond quickly to worthwhile leads. Many customers will reach out to several potential hires. Being the first to respond enhances the chances of winning the job. Be sure to thoroughly respond to any queries from the client and put them at ease. The more certain they are that a contractor understands and can deliver the better, the greater the chance they will hire.
  3. Promote your profile. This option provided by Thumbtack boosts a contractors ranking and provides a discount on the leads generated. A contractor can better tailor their preferences when it comes to leads, ensuring better job matches. They will, however, be charged for the leads generated, irrespective of whether or not they respond.

Joining Thumbtack has its pros and cons. Despite the risk, there are many who have made a good profit from this platform. Understanding what one is getting into and sticking to best practices will go a long way in making this a useful and profitable investment.

If you are a contractor and tired of buying leads and want to learn more about generating your own leads, Learn More!


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