Make Your Old Carpet Look New Again!

Located in South Florida, where allergens and pet dander’s creep into homes, and floods bring water damage.

Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is here to improve your home and restore your carpet. Highly trained staff, quality cleaning tools, fast and efficient service; Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration work their hardest to make your home or business spotless. They are fully insured and offer warranties on all services such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • And more..

Cleaning Services for Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, DelRay Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach

Vacuuming very dirty carpet Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration use the best equipment and latest industry techniques to clean your floors, and upholstery. Experienced with cleaning various types of materials, as well as offering the best floor and furniture protection for your house.

Whether it’s an area rug, routine carpet cleaning service, or a water damage emergency, let Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration take care of your home . They are available 24/7 for all your emergency water damage needs. Give them a call today!  

Water Damage Restoration in Palm Beach County

Restoring both residential and commercial properties,Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration take the burden out of dealing with the disastrous aftermath of a hurricane. They will remove water, dry out your carpets and professionally clean them to smell great again. Over flowed plumbing can cause severe mildew to nice furniture, carpets and rugs. Don’t let it seep into the foundation of your house, call Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration today to fix your water damage problems.     

Tile and Grout Cleaning in West Palm Beach

championslider3 Tile and grout cleaning will put life back into your floors and making your bathroom or kitchen shine. Mopping doesn’t always do the job and sometimes we need the professionals to get tough dirt and grime off tile. Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration provide services to both commercial and residential locations.   

Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration take great pride in their work. Not only do they dry clean carpet and furniture to peak cleanliness, but they strive for complete satisfaction of all their customers. They offer free consultations, so give them a call today to schedule an appointment 561-96 CLEAN 561-962-5326. For water damage emergency call 24/7 and get an immediate response.

Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has hired us to help attract new clients through SEO services in Palm Beach County, Web Design, and online marketing campaigns. We are happy to be working with them and look forward to building a long term relationship!

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