Bring Light to Your Home With Anna Electric, LLC

For more than 30 years Anna Electric, LLC has been bringing light and power to residents and businesses in areas of New Jersey, with professional electrical and solar services. Licensed and trained professionals is what you will get when Anna Electric is on the job.

Your #1 Local Electrician

Whether residential of commercial, Anna Electric, LLC is your number one choice to call when needing electrical services in Helmetta and surrounding areas. You deserve prompt and quality service, and that’s what this team provides every single customer.

Completing projects on time and on budget is what this company is highly regarded for and what sets them apart from the competition. No problem can’t be solved as these guys are expert troubleshooters when it comes to all things electrical.

Their range of electrician services includes:

  • General electrical work
  • Electrical panel services and upgrades
  • Solar installations
  • Fan installations
  • Remediation
  • Emergency service calls

If you require repairs, rewiring, new installations of electrical panels or need a new ceiling fan installed, the team at Anna Electric will service your needs in a prompt and highly professional and friendly manner.

Master Electrician Services

If it’s electrical, they can sort it. Commercial, residential and industrial customers are all welcome to take full advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the Anna Electric staff. Their company is equipped and experienced to install, repair or maintain any electrical system. All electricians on the team are highly trained and qualified professionals who continually update their skill set and industry knowledge. Whether an electrical system is simple or very complex, these guys know how to tackle any task and get the job done right.

Solar Power? No problem

Providing very competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, Anna Electric are the first team you should call for all your solar power requirements. Save money on your energy bills by having solar panels installed to power your home, improving your bottom line for many years to come.

Not only does having solar electricity save you money, it also gives you a highly reliable power source as well as a fair degree of independence. Solar power is an environmentally-friendly way to harness and use electricity and even the panels themselves are eco-friendly.

Solar power is an investment that is worth every cent, and the team at Anna Electric, LLC have the experience, expertise and fantastic prices to deliver.

Electrical Panel Upgrades near Helmetta and other Services

New panel installations or replacements are part of the specialties of Anna Electric. If your electrical panel is old and needs replacing, don’t delay. Old and damaged panels can be dangerous, so put safety first and call in the expert team at Anna Electric. They can even service and repair your panels to keep them in tip top shape.

Emergency Electrical Service

Anna Electric offer an on-call 24 hour emergency service, so if disaster strikes in the middle of the night, you know just who to call. Your #1 local electrician.

Servicing: Helmetta, New Jersey. Phone today on:

(732) 233-9149.

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