Having a beautiful yard goes hand-in-hand with having a functional drainage system. If you are looking for a new landscaping company, make sure they have a background in drainage.

As we all know, it is much easier to maintain a beautiful backyard in the summer than in the damp winter. If you’ve noticed that your landscape is getting soaked and ruining your plants, it is time to get a new landscaping and drainage contractor. Of course, preventing any drainage issues is much easier than correcting. If you are building a new landscape, ensure that the drainage system selected perfectly fits the requirements of your landscape.


Four Common Landscape And Drainage Issues Property Owners Face

No one wants to deal with a flooded landscape. Avoid excess water in your yard, which can form from water, gutter downspouts, or improper foundational structure. Furthermore, excess water can lead to water clogs, which cost up to thousands of dollars. Planning and installing a high functioning drainage system for your landscape is extremely important.

A flooded yard can lead to your plants suffering. In the worst flooding cases, plants can rot and create health hazards, such as harmful bacteria, moss, and attract mosquitoes.

Here are some common landscaping and drainage issues residential and commercial owners face:

  1. Faulty foundation elevation

    -When the elevation is off, water can get clogged at the foundation of the property. This imbalance can cause structural damage to drywall and hardwood flooring if left untreated.


  1. Poor plant bed design

     -A poor plant bed design can cause water to move in an unintended direction. This error can lead to plant life damage and drainage issues.


  1. Water getting into the basement or garage

    – Undirected water can seep into the basement or garage which can compromise the structure of your business.


  1. Improper gutter spout exits

    – Another common issue to watch out for is where the water from your gutters goes. Water from the gutter spout needs to be directed to flow outside or downhill, not the yard.


Why Every Homeowner In Allen, TX Needs To Hire Experienced Landscape And Drainage Professionals

An important question one needs to ask when getting a new garden, yard or landscape, is whether the local contractor is an experienced landscape and drainage professional. A well-designed landscape will incorporate good drainage, grading, and water flow.

Allen Landscape and Drainage is a trustworthy company that specializes in residential and commercial landscape, drainage, grading, landscape restoration, drainage replacement, maintenance and every kind of drainage repair services near Allen, TX.

They come with tons of experience (of over two decades), installing catch basins, simple drains, french drains and so much more. They recommend classic french drains for their high efficiency and easy maintenance.

Call Allen Landscape and Drainage to set up your garden, backyard or landscape for beautifully perfected exteriors!

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