Although Eugene Barringer Tree Service as an official enterprise was only established in 2016, the team have more than 15 years experience in the industry. They cater to both the commercial and residential sector. Highly competitive pricing is just one thing that sets them above the competition.

Developing and nurturing positive customer relationships is also high on their priority list. And, as there are many Spanish speaking customer in their service area, Eugene Barringer also offer bilingual communications.

A Tree Service You Can Count On

Reliability and punctuality are two of the core principles that Eugene Barringer Tree Service live by when conducting business. They offer exceptional workmanship in the following areas:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Emergency Tree Work
  • Emergency Storm Work

Working quickly and efficiently, they will get the job done on time and within budget.

Tree Removal Services

Not something to be tackled by an amateur, it’s always best to call in a professional team like Eugene Barringer to do the job properly. It takes experts to safely bring down a tree without risk of injury or damage to surrounding property.

Trees can be a hazard when situated too close to power lines and homes. Some trees may be suffering from rot and have the potential to topple onto nearby homes during a storm if not removed. Other times construction sites will first need to be cleared of trees before construction work can take place.

As this company doesn’t offer a stump grinding or stump removal service, once they have cut down the tree, a professional stump removal team will need to be called in.

Tree Trimming

Sometimes trees don’t need to be removed completely, but simply require trimming back the branches. This could be the case of a tree banging against a window in the wind, hanging over a neighbor’s fence, or growing too close to power lines.

Eugene Barringer Tree Service are experts when it comes to efficiently and rapidly trimming back trees. This also improves the appearance of the tree and well as promoting healthy growth in the process. It’s an effective practice to remove dead or diseased tree limbs.

Pruning Service

Regular pruning of shrubs and trees helps to keep them healthy and looking great. It can also help encourage a tree or plant to grow in a certain direction, such as away from the wall of a home or other building.

Dead and diseased limbs can affect the overall health of the tree or shrub, and pruning not only removes the offending limbs, but also helps keep them in good shape. Trees and plants offer shade, but they also need to look good as well, and pruning definitely achieves this result.

Emergency Tree and Storm Work

Sometimes a tree will pose an immediate danger to a home, commercial premises or to people. It could be on the verge of toppling over for whatever reason and will need to be removed in a hurry. Eugene Barringer specialize in these sorts of situations, responding quickly, assessing the situation and rapidly getting things under control.

It’s the same in an emergency storm situation, responding immediately to any calls for help in the event of a tree falling onto a house or bringing down dangerous power lines. You can count on Eugene Barringer Tree Service to be there in a flash.

Call today for a friendly chat about your needs and a free estimate.

Servicing: Orange County, Ulster County, Sullivan County, Greene County, Dutchess County, New York. Phone today on (845) 706-7789.