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Certified Home Inspections With That Home Inspection Guy

Paul Grilliot is “That Home Inspection Guy” and for 30 years he’s been a part of the building and construction trade. 6 years ago he decided to take the plunge and form his own home inspection business, and since then he has amassed a list of satisfied customers through offering a high quality service at fair prices.

Home Inspections Dayton, OH

Servicing Dayton, Huber Heights and Springfield, Ohio, That Home Inspection Guy is the team to call for the following inspection services:

That Home Inspection Guy inspects both commercial and residential properties. Inspection techniques are thorough and meticulous to make certain nothing is missed.

What Sets These Guys Apart From Their Competitors?

30 years experience in construction and home remodeling for one. Offering a 10% discount to military personnel is another great reason to book inspections with this company. They also have established an A+ rating on BBB, which really helps to solidify their reputation as one of the highest rated and most trusted home inspection companies in Ohio.

Possibly the most important point of all is they value an open and honest business relationship with their customers, with customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Blend that with fair and reasonable pricing and you have a winning combination.

Home Inspections That Miss Nothing

It’s always wise to have a new home or business premises inspected by a professional home inspector before committing to the purchase. After all, no one wants to find flaws after the purchase is made and then be up for big repair bills.

When Paul is on the job you can be assured a thorough inspection will be carried out, and a detailed report is generally in your hands within 24 hours. From this report you are then able to make an educated decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. Home inspections really are the best course of action as they can save the buyer a lot of money and heartache in the long term.

Is the Premises Termite Free?

Unless an infestation of termites is really obvious (usually an indication that the insects have already done irreparable damage to a building), then it takes a qualified inspector with a keen eye and industry knowledge to really ascertain whether termites are present or not. By nature termites are shy creatures that avoid the light, so unless you know what you are looking for, you may not even be aware of their presence.

Rest assured That Home Inspection Guy will find them if they are there.

Quality Roof Inspection

The roof of your home or business is the most vital part of the structure next to the foundations. Roofs take a pounding from the weather and the elements in general. It’s imperative they are sound and free of leaks or damage.

That Home Inspection Guy will thoroughly examine your roof inside and out to make certain none of the following are present:

Once again a written report will be compiled of the results of the inspection. Never take chances with your roof.

What Price For Peace of Mind?

For home inspections Dayton, OH, call in the experts from That Home Inspection Guy. Having properties inspected before purchase, or even having your current property inspected to make sure all is well, will give you complete peace of mind. And that’s worth something.

Give Paul a call today on 937-414-5215.

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