Commercial roofing is a far more sensitive and complex structure than residential roofing. It requires more attention and input, as well as careful maintenance.

So, the last thing you should do is bring in an amateur roofing contractor to work on your commercial roof.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

commercial roofing

If you live in Fort Worth, TX, the players in the game are several, and you could easily fall for an under qualified roofer. But a few tips should be enough to guide you in the right direction.

They include:

The roofer’s license

First, you must ensure that the contractor is licensed by the state and has experience working on roofs.

You can easily find that out by calling them, checking their credentials, and reviewing their track record. So, always choose a contractor with a few years of experience on commercial roofs and some credentials to prove it.

The roofer’s experience on commercial roofs

The more experience a roofer has, the better they will do. You can check their track record and even see if they are a member of any organization that works on commercial roofing.

This should give you a good idea about the type of services they offer and the kind of reputation they have built up in their area.

The roofer’s recommendations

Has the company worked sites in your area? You can easily inquire about their work and get references as well.

However, only depend partially on their recommendations because they will say anything to win the trust of their customers. So, try to find independent references or look for testimonials about them online.

Track record

Find out if the contractor has a good track record of working with commercial roofs, whether he charges reasonable rates and if his past customers are satisfied with the work he did for them. Try finding out as much information as possible about the roofing contractor before you hire him.


Always hire a contractor who offers guarantees for the services they provide. Look for contractors who provide warranties and ensure that the company is insured.

The type of materials used by the contractor

You have to choose a contractor who uses only high-quality materials. But the question remains, which kind of materials should you choose? There are many kinds of materials used for commercial and residential roofs, and they include:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Copper shingles
  • Metal roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Rubber
  • And more

So, what kind of material should you choose? The best thing to do is to check with your contractor about all the materials they use and which one is the most suitable for you.

The type of warranty

Hire a contractor who offers robust and reliable insurance policies to assure you of having no risks and liabilities in case anything goes wrong with his services. You should also find out about their guarantees on warranties for their services.

The roofer’s insurance

While looking for a commercial or residential roofing contractor in Fort Worth, you should always look for one who is insured to protect you from any legal liability that might arise during the work.

You should also look into the insurance company policies to determine which kind of coverage they have and on what basis they provide it.

These tips will help you pick the right contractor from wherever you are.

We have listed and reviewed the top three commercial roofing contractors in Fort Worth, TX, to narrow it down.

Reviewing the Top 3 Commercial Roofing Companies in Fort Worth, TX

#1. Roger the Roofer, LLC

commercial roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing contractors in Fort Worth, these guys are right at the top. They have a long history of providing outstanding work and customer service to all their clients. They also have an awe-inspiring portfolio of work that puts them above the competition.

Roger The Roofer, LLC stands behind its work with 5-year warranties and the manufacturer’s warranty.

They are accredited by Better Business Bureau and have been North Texas Roofing Contractors Association members since 2019.

They also have a 5-star rating on Yelp.

Their services include:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof installation
  • Roof repairs
  • General Maintenance
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Painting Services
  • Drywall Services
  • Gutter Replacements and Gutter Tune-Up
  • Skylight Service
  • Storm or Hail Repair
  • Roof Tune-Up and Leak Prevention
  • Roof Ventilation
  • And more

#2. Commercial Roofing Team

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The Commercial Roofing Team is highly rated. They have been in business for and worked on the roofs of some significant commercial buildings.

They work for homeowners and business owners and are among the best roofing contractors in Fort Worth.

Call them today for your commercial roofing needs because they’re among the best.

They specialize in the following:

  • Single-Ply and Multi-Ply TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM
  • Built-Up-Roof (BUR)
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Concrete Tile Roofing
  • Slate Tile and Clay Tile
  • And more

3. Fort Worth Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial Roofing

This is another excellent choice among commercial roofing contractors in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Commercial Roofing Company has provided the area with outstanding commercial roofing for years.

Many customers say they enjoy working with them because they have excellent customer service. They also have a lot of field experience and high customer ratings.

Call them today for quality commercial roofing services on your building.

They do:

  • Leak Detection
  • Roofing Repairs
  • Full Replacement
  • Re-Roofs
  • Roof Coatings
  • Single Ply
  • Metal Roofs
  • TPO Roofing
  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen

Commercial Roofing Services from Professional Roofers

commercial roofing

Some of the services to expect from a commercial roofer include:

Commercial roof installation

Getting a new roof installed on your commercial building requires patience, skill, and knowledge. Getting it right will have a long-term positive impact on your business and the safety of your staff and customers.

This means you will need to work only with a commercial roofing contractor who fully understands what is required and has the expertise and experience to get it right.

Commercial roof repair and replacement

Like residential roofing, commercial roofs also face problems like leakages, water penetration, chimneys, and flashing issues. Getting professional roof repair and replacement services will ensure the longevity of your roof.

Commercial roof maintenance

Regular maintenance of your commercial roofing system will keep problems at bay and prolong your roof’s life while saving you money. This includes regular inspections of your roof, cleaning and repairing the gutters, checking for mold and mildew, and repairing any holes in your roof.

Commercial roof inspection

The two most common problems that affect commercial roofs are water penetration due to leaks and improper ventilation. To get the most out of your roof, you must regularly inspect it for problems. This ensures that you can solve any problems as early as possible.

Commercial roof cleaning

A clean commercial roof is more resistant to wear and tear leaks and water penetration. The more accessible your roof is, the more likely you will have problems and leaks.

To keep your commercial roof in top condition, you must regularly remove the debris accumulated on it and give it a fresh coat of paint whenever necessary.

We have looked at how to choose a good contractor and some of the services they offer. To conclude, here are the most common types of commercial roofs.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

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The various types of commercial roofing t choose from include:

  1. Built-up roofing: Also known as BUR, this type of commercial roofing is constructed using layers of bitumen sheeting and a built-up surface. These are used mainly for industrial purposes.
  2. Flat roofing: This is the most accessible type of commercial roofing. It is mainly used in office buildings, factories, or warehouses as its flat surface makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Modified Bitumen Membrane: This commercial roofing is made of a thin, flexible membrane coated with bitumen or asphalt. It is most often used in low-rise roofs that are not subjected to frequent heavy winds.
  4. Single-ply Membranes: These commercial roofing are durable and suitable for all buildings, including high-rise and industrial buildings. It is made from waterproof materials, and its large surface makes it ideal for areas requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance, such as factories and warehouses.
  5. EPDM Rubber Roofing: Made of robust synthetic rubber, this type of commercial roofing is highly flexible and resistant to tearing. It is suited for higher roofing that may get subjected to harsh weather conditions. It is more popular with low-slope buildings
  6. Metal Roofing: This type of commercial roofing is made from steel or aluminum and is best suited for high-rise structures. It is less flexible than other roofing materials and adds durability and strength to the structure.
  7. Green Roofing: This type of commercial roofing uses plants to build the structure. The plants are planted and installed on roofs to provide waterproof protection. It also adds insulation to the building and can be used as a welcome environment for birds that eat pests that may otherwise damage crops or affect health.

Wrapping Up

Commercial roofing is a vital component of your building. It is essential to choose a contractor who is experienced and professional.

You can find such a contractor and get quality roofing services for your commercial building by doing proper research.

Our top pick from the list above is Roger the Roofer, LLC. They have been in the roofing business for a long time, and customers highly rate them.

They can handle almost any type of commercial roofing project. So, if you need professional commercial roofing services in Fort Worth, Texas, this is the contractor to call!

You might be lucky and get a free roof inspection!