Pool Design 101: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Look for When Hiring a Pool Builder


Infinity Pool near Turlock, CA There are many ways to describe custom pool types– modern, classic, luxurious, geometric and so on. However, when it comes to the quality of pool design, the list of descriptive words significantly drops. There are those that are poorly-designed, mediocrely designed and well-designed. So, how does one spot the differences between pool builders and who can you trust?


In a sense, pool design is a form of art. Whether you are a painter, decorator, tattoo artist, or architect, all artists follow the same fundamental principles. A pool builder is no different. Here are a few “checkmarks” to look for when considering a pool designer:


  • Knowledgeability in Design – There’s no better substitute than experience when it comes to pool design; although, the more knowledgeable and educated a pool contractor is in design concepts, the more likely the two of you will be on the same page. Without a strong foundation and understanding of design, it is nearly impossible for a pool builder to create the dream pool you are envisioning for your backyard. It is necessary that they have a vast understanding of design, such as contour, texture, balance, rhythm, etc.


  • Detailed Attention: If you’re like most homeowners seeking out a pool builder, you may struggle to differentiate between a good design and an outstanding design (unless you’re an artist). A red flag to look for is the pool contractor’s attention to detail. Did they consider the surroundings and home? The mark of an excellent pool builder is achieving seamless integration. The pool should look great and fit in with the rest of your home, style and outdoors without effort. This goal requires high attention to detail from the pool designer.


  • Less is More: We get it- you’ve decided to build a pool in your backyard, so you might as well go all out, right? You have the right to pick out any design for your pool. However, the mark of a great pool designer is to steer you in the right direction. More than often, less is more when it comes to designing custom pools. The goal is to create balance and unity, not upsell you in add-ons that will clutter your outdoors.


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