Brooks Remediation is the #1 Choice for Crime Scene Clean Up Services

Homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, accidental death…all tragic, but do occur. If you live in Lindenhurst, NY or the surrounding area you can feel at ease knowing that there is a 24 hour emergency service that is highly trained and consists of professional biohazard remediation personnel that is dedicated to helping people and communities when tragedy strikes.

We understand that this is a difficult time and that is why Brooks Remediation helps families, loved ones and others in servicing all types of traumas, distressed property, hoarding services, and biohazard scenes. They specialize in:

  • crime scene clean up
  • mold remediation
  • asbestos removal


Brooks Remediation Knows How to Professionally Handle a Crime Scene Clean Up

When a burglary occurs, the homeowner is left with the daunting task of eliminating the chaos that was created all while trying to maintain emotionally sound. Allow the trained and compassionate professionals at Brooks Remediation take on the health and safety hazards associated with biohazard cleanup. Do not attempt to cleanup any crime scene on your own! Brooks Remediation is here to help, we specialize in the clean up of:


  • Crime scenes
  • Blood
  • Bio-hazards
  • Fire and smoke cleanup
  • Hoarding
  • Suicide
  • Unattended death

They are dedicated to helping families, loved ones and others experiencing hardship, pick up the pieces and get their homes back to a place of peacefulness.

Decontamination is what Brooks Remediation does best

Mold and Asbestos are dangerous and hazardous for your health and can cause serious allergic reactions, respiratory problems and nervous system disorders just to name a few. It is important to have your home inspected for mold and asbestos that can harm you and your family. Brooks Remediation will remove your mold and asbestos quickly and efficiently. Their qualified team has extensive experience and is here to assist you in managing any problem related to mold and/or asbestos removal.


Brooks Remediation Hoarding Remediation Specialists

Hoarding comes in different forms and is reflective of the person’s hobbies or interests. However, there are times when the clutter becomes overwhelming and unbearable to live in.  There are different types of hoarders, which include:

  • Animal Hoarding
  • Bibliomania
  • Syllogomania
  • Food Harding
  • Recyclers


Hoarding remediation services are becoming more common because it is a growing problem among residents. Brooks Remediation professionals are trained to help declutter hoarding habits.  

Brooks Remediation has One of a Kind Services

Brooks Remediation has a variety of other services such as sewage clean up, fire and smoke cleanup, water damage restoration, fire and water remediation, and animal remediation.

Brooks Remediation can handle anything, so give them a call today and rest easy that your home will be clean once again.

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