Dealing with an old or damaged door can be a real pain. Trouble opening the door, repairs costing more than the door’s worth, and holding the knob when shutting it are all problems that warrant attention.

Luckily, there are many ways to deal with this issue — from replacing the doorknobs and pulling pins to more complicated things like installing new doors in place of your old ones. This article will cover the following:

  1. When you can get away with door repair
  2. When replacement is needed
  3. How to choose the best door replacement, contractor
  4. And finally, the best door replacement company in Charlotte County, FL.

Door Replacement vs. Door Repair

Professional door replacement

You must understand the difference between a door replacement and a simple repair job.

A door that has been damaged or worn down over time can be repaired for less than it would cost to replace it entirely.

A common problem with doors is weathering; this occurs when doors get worn out from exposure to the elements like wind, rain, and sun.

The same issue occurs with age; doors that have been in use for a long time without proper maintenance tend to lose their ability to function correctly.

Below are the instances for door repair vs. replacement:

When You Can Get Away with Door Repair

Professional door replacement

  • Loose doorknobs: when your doorknobs require extra tightening, there are certainly ways you can correct the problem without the need to replace it.
    Consider a repair job instead of a replacement if you notice several loose doorknobs.
  • Doors sticking when you shut them: this is a typical repair job, and the same can be done to a door’s frame.
  • Damaged/worn latches: these can often be fixed with additional screws and paint. It’s also possible to replace these pieces if they get damaged, worn, or broken.

When Replacement is Needed


  • Old and worn-out door: if your door has seen better days and is due for replacement, you can count on a new door to make a massive difference in your home. Replacing your door with steel or fiberglass will mean it can endure high winds and rain much better.
    Old doors tend to warp over time, causing issues with shutting and closing. The best way to remedy this problem is to replace those old hollow doors with solid wood or metal door.
  • Old and outdated style: Do you want to replace your doors because they’re out of style with the rest of your house?
    Depending on the type of home that you have and your style, this can be an issue fixable. Let’s say that your old doors have a colonial style with shutters and wood frames. You can always upgrade to a newer style for consistency and design.
  • Excessive dings, dents, and rust: the older your door is, the more likely it is to have damage from outside elements like rust, dents, and dings. Such damages warrant a replacement to keep your home safe, secure, and stylish.
    Make sure you check for damage regularly to catch any problems before they get too bad or expensive.
  • Damaged frame: when your existing structure is beyond repair or restoration, it will need to be replaced with a new one if possible.
    Look into the costs of a new frame. Instead of just covering them up with paint or another coat, a new one will help prolong the life of your door, so you don’t have to worry about repairs later on down the line.
  • Damage from an impact: if there’s damage from a storm or an accident, you will want to replace your door. A fallen tree on your door can also warrant a replacement.

When it comes down to it, deciding whether or not you should replace your door is up to you. However, a qualified contractor is better positioned to assess your situation and develop a clear recommendation.

Choosing the right contractor for your repair or replacement job is extremely important.

You don’t want to get someone who doesn’t understand what they’re doing if they don’t have the experience and knowledge to do it properly.

A detailed history of a contractor’s work shows their past work, so you can see if they had any complaints or issues with previous clients.

If there aren’t many complaints or comments about them, it could mean that their past customers were satisfied with their service.

Top 4 Choices for Replacement Doors

Professional door replacement


Good quality wood can be sturdy, solid, and robust, and the design options are plenty. Due to this, these doors are customizable according to your needs. There are numerous types of wood, like mahogany, oak, and many others. Wood is also an excellent insulator.


This material is similar to steel as both are strong but lightweight. They come in many colors and designs, but you can’t paint them easily compared to wood ones. They also have good insulation.


It is the most robust material for the construction of doors. They are resilient against the elements, but only with stainless steel and when coated adequately.

Hollow core

They are light in weight but heavy in strength compared to other options, as they are sturdy and durable. Depending on the house owner’s taste, this option has endless designs, colors, styles, and sizes.

Who’s the Best Door Replacement Contractor in Charlotte County Fl?

Professional door replacement

There are many factors when choosing a door replacement contractor. Price, quality of work, and whether or not they offer a warranty are all important factors to consider.

Here are some good questions to ask when you’re looking for the best door replacement company:

Do they have a good reputation?

The best way to see if they have a good reputation is by checking out their reviews online. Often, these reviews are from clients who have had a good experience with the company. A company with a good reputation will be able to deliver quality work. Excellent customer service is also one of the things that make a company reputable.

How long have they been in business?

The longer a contractor has been in business, the more experienced they are and the better their track record. The longer the company has been in operation, the more likely it will offer warranties on parts or services and the better it is at managing projects. You can be sure you will not need any second takes, and the project will be within the time or budget limit.

What makes them different?

-There are so many door replacement companies that it may initially seem slightly overwhelming. What makes one company better than another? It’s essential to research and find the best fit for you.

Do they offer a warranty on their service?

A warranty protects you and shows that the contractor is confident in their workmanship and the quality of materials used.

Do they have a good track record?

A good track record means the company is highly rated on sites like Angie’s List and Yelp and has plenty of positive reviews.

But checking out both positive and negative comments is essential to make the best decision for yourself. Also, it says something about their work and experience if they have been around for a while.

Are they licensed and insured?

You will want to ensure that your contractor is licensed and insured before hiring them. They don’t have to have their insurance card on them, but you should see proof of their license or certification. They can also provide their license number so you can check it yourself.

Best Door Replacement Company in Charlotte County, FL

Based on the quality of their doors, customer service, reviews, and overall reputation, Build Rite Builders is the choice for door replacement in Charlotte County, FL. They have a track record of excellence and a high customer satisfaction rating.

Build Rite Builders Inc.

Serving Charlotte County, Florida, Build Rite Builders Inc is a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of hands-on experience. They provide services to commercial and residential customers in the construction and remodeling industry.

Build Rite Builders offers a wide selection of top-grade products and services, including garage doors, garage door openers, entry doors, French doors, patio doors, storm shutters, windows, and more.

But quality service is not the only thing the company offers.

They also:

  • Offer 24-hour emergency service.
  • Schedule free, no-hassle estimates.
  • Offer a lifetime warranty on all of the work they do.
  • Six days operation, seven days a week service.
  • Offer convenient monthly payment plans for the services.

To provide its customers with quality services, Build Rite Builders has a team of professionals with years of experience in the business dedicated to helping you select the right door or window system that will best fit your needs.

The company employs qualified, friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help you find the right products at affordable prices, install them into your home or business, and give you expert tips on how to take care of them for years ahead.

Visit their website to learn more about the services and get a free estimate!