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Everything You Need to Know About Google Guarantee for Your Local Business

When searching for a service provider near you on Google, you might notice how some business listings have a Google Guarantee badge right on top of the Google search page, even before the section where Google My Business listings appear.

If you’ve ever wondered how this works, how you can get this badge, and what this badge can do for you both as a business owner and consumer, then you came to the right place.

Let us dig deeper into what getting Google Guaranteed is all about and why you should invest in it for your business.

Learn more about how much it costs, how you can get through the screening and verification process, and if you are eligible to receive the badge in the first place.

What is Google Guarantee, and Why Does It Matter?
You need to pass a Google screening and verification process that takes place through Local Services Ads or any of its partners for you to become Google Guaranteed.

Note that not all businesses can get this badge.

Initially, businesses offering home services are mostly the ones on the list of service providers eligible for Google Guarantee.

Today, many more services and professions are given the opportunity to become Google Guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at the eligible businesses shortly.

Simply put, Google backs up your business or guarantees the service you provide when they give you that badge.

So, it is just right for them to do a thorough verification and make sure that your business is actually good enough to be Google Guaranteed.

Once Google grants you this badge, they will have to reimburse dissatisfied customers with up to $2,000 of compensation.

Therefore, potential customers tend to believe that your business is worth trying when they know Google backs you up and they can be compensated if they are not happy with your service.

This also means that your business can expect future projects to increase as your company’s listing appears on top of the Google results page.

Even better, you can set up your local service ads after passing the verification and screening stages of the Google Guaranteed program.

When Did Google Guarantee Start?

It seems fairly recently that we started seeing Google Guarantee badges on business listings.

Google rolled out the Google Guarantee program in 2018, and since the verification process isn’t quick or simple, there aren’t many businesses getting that coveted badge yet.

Today, more service provider businesses have been Google Guaranteed and are enjoying that spot on top of search results.

So, if you don’t have it yet, it’s time to consider working on your application.


Who Is Eligible For the Google Guaranteed Badge?

Because Google essentially takes responsibility for the kind of business you provide to your customers, you will have to undergo a screening process to qualify for the Google Guaranteed badge.

Not all businesses qualify for this badge, and not all types of industries can get Google local services.

Some examples of businesses that can apply to get the Google Guaranteed badge include those in the home services industry, such as HVAC, junk removal, tree services, lawn care, landscaping, carpet and upholstery cleaning, pest control, locksmith services, appliance repair, and so much more.

There are also other types of local businesses that do not necessarily fall under the home services category but have the opportunity to get screened and get the Google Guarantee badge.

These businesses include those in the event planning, financial planning, and auto repair industries, among many others.

How to Identify a Google Guaranteed Provider

Businesses that qualify for and pass the screening for the Google Guarantee program can enjoy the benefit of having the much coveted green badge right beside their company name on Google’s search results page.

There’s a special section right above the search results page, before the Google My Business section, that shows a list of businesses that are Google Guaranteed.

All these businesses have the green check badge, which essentially helps them win future projects.

Customers tend to trust businesses not only because of the eye-catching badge but also because these businesses are certified by Google.

Your customers know that if you are Google Guaranteed, you have undergone a screening process and the service they’ll get from you is, simply put, insured.

They can be reimbursed by Google if, by any chance, they are reasonably dissatisfied with the service you provided.

How Much Does Google Guarantee Cost?

Now, here comes the crucial question – how much does Google Guarantee cost, and is it even worth it?

The good news is that even businesses with very little marketing budget will most likely be able to afford the Google Guarantee program.

You can get Google Guaranteed for only $50 per month or $600 per year.

This minimal price tag is quite reasonable and understandable too.

After all, Google guarantees your service and will spend up to $2,000 per dissatisfied customer.

Google Guarantee Program and Google’s Local Services Ads Program

Google Guarantee and Local Service Ads are two entirely different things, but they work hand in hand.

You cannot start with Local Service Ads without getting a Google Guarantee badge first.


How to Get Started With Local Service Ads

Google lists down only 5 steps for you to get started with Local Service Ads.

Give your business information to Google including your business name, location, professional services offered, and budget, so they can show your ads to potential customers with the right timing in mind.
So Google can be sure that you meet local licensing and insurance requirements, you must sign up or apply to become Google Guaranteed.
Google will then begin showing your Local Service Ads to potential customers in your area.
Customers can get in touch with your company directly when they see your Google Local Services Ads. You have full control over the jobs you want to take, and you can track your appointments too.
Using the Local Services Ads dashboard or the mobile app, you can update and pause ads, optimize your account, and adjust your budget, too.

How Much Do Local Services Ads Cost?

One of the best things about signing up for Google’s Local Services Ads, aside from being Google Guaranteed, is that you have full control over your budget.

You only pay Google when a customer contacts you directly through your Local Service Ads.


Better Financial Planning Compared to Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click or PPC, simply explained, are advertisements wherein a company like yours pays a website host or owner a certain amount of money each time a user clicks on your ad – whether or not they get your service.

This means that you get charged for any type of click, whether it comes from someone who clicked on your ad accidentally or even if they clicked on your ad out of curiosity without any intention of hiring or buying, you’d still be charged per click.

More often than not, you don’t have full control over your budget when it comes to pay-per-click.

Over the years, we’ve heard of and witnessed way too many businesses racking up PPC bills reaching thousands of dollars monthly.

This is something you will not worry about when it comes to Local Services Ads from Google.

You can plan how much you want to spend and adjust your budget accordingly and directly on your dashboard or mobile app – that’s definitely an advantage when it comes to financial planning for you.

Do not confuse Google’s Local Services Ads with Google Ads. To be fair, Google Ads allows you to set your budget too.

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click advertising branch.

Practically any type of business including local businesses can use Google Ads, whether they’re in the Google Guaranteed program or not.


The Advantages of Getting the Google Guaranteed Badge for Local Businesses

Getting the Google Guarantee badge is one thing you should seriously consider if you don’t have it yet.

There are plenty of advantages and benefits to enjoy when you get Google Guaranteed.

Google Is Guaranteeing Your Company

Google owns 92% of the market share when it comes to search engine popularity.

In fact, many of us just “Google it” when we want to know more information about practically anything.

It is safe to say that most people, Americans included, trust Google the most when they are searching for information.

So, if a company as huge and as widely trusted as Google guarantees local businesses, your company in particular, then there’s a large chance that your potential customers will trust you too.


Boost Your SEO

The whole point of SEO or search engine optimization is to get you on top of search engine results organically.

You can do this by writing content on your business page, optimizing your Google business profile, updating your website, and so on.

Because the Google Guaranteed program places a preview of your Google business profile including the overall rating for your online reviews, and even a direct link to your website, then this can also help with organic search engine results.


Better Visibility on Google Search

SEO can help place you on the first page of Google results, but nothing could be better than being on top of those search results.

When your potential customers search for services or local businesses like yours in your area, they will see a list of companies on Google.

When you are part of the Google Guaranteed program, they will see your business name alongside the Google Guaranteed badge right on top of the results page.


Powerful Lead Generation Source

If you are a business owner running a junk removal, appliance repair, tree services, house cleaning, lawn care, or even a garage door installation company, you most likely have a quota for services booked per day, week, or month.

Sometimes, word of mouth, a website, and social media account are not enough to get you the customers you need to at least meet your sales goal.

This is the time you will find lead generation platforms helpful.

The Google Guaranteed program serves as a lead generation tool as well – and a very good one, too.

Your Google My Business profile will show pretty much all of your business information, images, updates, online reviews, and so much more the same way it would appear on lead generation platforms like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Houzz, and others.

Since the Google Guaranteed program works hand in hand with Local Services Ads and new customers can contact you directly to hire your professional services, then you can expect some good leads from this platform.

As a small business owner, you will find Google Guarantee as a truly helpful digital marketing tool since you have control over your budget.

Best of all, that Google screened badge gives you an edge over competitors.

Even if you own a fairly new business with few online reviews, as long as you pass all the background checks and the screening process, you can still get the Google Guaranteed badge on your Google business profile.

The Benefit of Google Guarantee for Consumers

Especially for consumers looking to hire small businesses or local businesses that are new to them, having a form of guarantee can be very helpful.

They’d know that they’re making the right decision and if by any chance they’re making a mistake, there’s a guarantee that someone or something can back them up.

This is exactly what Google Guaranteed is for.

The Google Guaranteed program will help not only business owners like you but consumers as well.

Customers in the United States can be reimbursed when they are dissatisfied with the professional services they received with lifetime limits of $2,000 per customer.

What Google Guarantee Can Reimburse For
When a customer is dissatisfied with the service provided to them, Google, in its absolute and sole discretion, can reimburse customers the amount of invoice for the initial service provided to them, up to the lifetime cap only.


What Google Guarantee Won’t Reimburse For

The Google Guaranteed program will not cover add-ons or future projects.

They will also not reimburse damages to property.

Customers cannot request reimbursement for price dissatisfaction, cancellations, or provider responsiveness issues.


How Does the Reimbursement for Google Guarantee Work?

It is understandable that this money-back guarantee program of Google can be worrisome for business owners who have to deal with unreasonable complaints every once in a while.

You might indeed be working hard and doing your best to have satisfied customers only for some to complain just to get back a portion of their money from Google.

Of course, if Google has to deal with many unhappy customers from your company, then your Google Guarantee badge will be at risk.

The good news is that the terms for the Google Guaranteed program are very reasonable.

They will only reimburse customers who are dissatisfied with your service, and of course, those reimbursements will also go through a screening process.

So, how does this work?


Contact the Google Guaranteed Provider First

The customer would have to contact the service provider directly.

Before they can even start complaining to Google, Google gives you the chance to resolve the customer’s concern first.

All concerns about service quality can be discussed and worked through before they will contact Google for a reimbursement request.

Request a Google Guarantee Reimbursement
When all efforts have been exhausted and the customer remains dissatisfied with your service, this is the only time they can contact Google to request a reimbursement.

Google will then investigate the matter and review the Local Services call logs.

The customer should have contacted you through Local Services, otherwise, the Google Guaranteed money back guarantee will be invalid.

How to Get a Google Guaranteed Badge

Now that you already know what the Google Guaranteed program is all about, its advantages to small businesses and other industries as well as its benefits to consumers, it’s time to get ready to get your Google Guarantee badge.


Find Out If Your Business is Eligible for the Google Guaranteed Program

To be eligible for the Google Guaranteed badge, you must have the proper license and insurance, as well as other important documents for your business.

You also need to check whether your business is eligible for the Google Guarantee program.

The first step would be for you to check if the nature of your business falls under any of the categories on Google’s list.

Businesses falling under the following industries can apply for the Google Guaranteed program.

Appliance Repair
Junk Removal
Tree Services
Air Conditioning services
Window Cleaning
Pest Control
Pet Grooming
Event Planning
Lawn Care
Auto Repair
House Cleaning
Garage Door Installation
Note that the above industries are only a few of the many types of businesses that can apply to get the Google Guaranteed and Local Services Ads program.

Prepare Your Business to Get Google Guaranteed

Once you find out that your business can apply to become Google Guaranteed, the next step would be for you to prepare for the screening process.

It would be best to start with your Google Business Profile. Make sure it is updated, factual, and contains all important information including your business name, location, contact details, and so on.

Background Check

To become a Google Screened business and to get that coveted badge, it is likely that Google will conduct a rigorous screening process.

They will be checking all important documents, whether you have the proper license and insurance, and possibly even your online reviews on your Google My Business profile.

Requirements are different depending on the industry which your business falls under.

The background check for both the business owner and your staff or field workers includes identity checks and verification, criminal history checks, and more.

Your company’s background such as your civil litigation industry will also be checked.

Credit checks or a credit pull will not be part of this background check.

Business Registration Check

Google will require you to submit your proof of business registration. Other documents may vary depending on U.S. state requirements.

Business License Check

All businesses applying to be Google Guaranteed must submit proof of their business license.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to submit a state, provincial, or country-level license for your company or the professionals working in your company.

Business Insurance Check

Whether or not you are required to show proof of business insurance once again depends on the nature of your business.

You may be required to submit proof of your general liability insurance or professional liability insurance.

Advanced Verification to Avoid Fraud

It’s quick, easy, and simple to publish even the most professional-looking ads on the Internet, but some of them can still be fake or fraudulent.

Google takes quality assurance seriously and they want your potential customers to get the best service available. That’s why they’ve rolled out this Google Guarantee program in the first place.

Once again depending on your business category, you may be required to go through an Advanced Verification process to ensure the truthfulness of your identity.

Your Google Ads account may be reviewed. Google will also screen available information or public data, and may also conduct a video interview.

Review Requirements to Be a Google Guaranteed Provider
Minimum requirements to become Google Guaranteed may include background checks, insurance and license, and online reviews.

These all depend on the industry where your business belongs.

Let’s check on some examples.

If you are in the financial planning industry, your background check requirements will include a business check, owner check, and professional check. You must also have professional liability insurance. All financial planners in your firm will also have to present a license.

For locksmith services, the background check requirements are the same. You only need general liability insurance, but you must have a business license and owner license at the state level. You must also have at least one review on your Google My Business profile.

Other business categories such as those in pet grooming, pest control, handyman, flooring, home security, lawyer, acupuncturist, and even those in the animal rescue industries have different requirements.

How to Maintain Your Google Guaranteed Status

It will only cost you a minimal amount to be part of the Google Guarantee program and perhaps a few hours’ worth of your time to go through the entire verification and screening process.

To finally get that badge right beside your company name on your Google profile is definitely an honor and can greatly help your digital marketing efforts.

However, you must also make sure you don’t lose that badge. Paying fees to Google won’t be enough.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Continue Providing High-Quality Service

Regularly perform quality assurance checks on the services you provide to your customers.

You need to make sure that your customers are happy and satisfied.

You do not want them calling Google to complain and to request a refund.

From the initial service completion date, you should have already made sure your customers are happy.

Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Some platforms such as Yelp prohibit business owners from soliciting reviews from customers.

Google, on the other hand, doesn’t have a problem with you asking your customers to leave you a review.

Just make sure that you’re doing this the ethical way. For instance, it wouldn’t be nice to send bulk emails to all your customers asking them to leave a review on your profile.

Giving your customers incentives to leave a review is also considered unethical since results will most likely be tainted.

Instead, make sure that the service you provide each time a customer calls you is exceptional – they will surely leave a great review for you.

Keep Your Licenses and Business Insurance Updated

Don’t let your business license and insurance go past their expiration dates. Make sure they’re always updated.

This is especially important if your Google Guarantee status depends on professional licenses and insurance.

Does Google Guarantee Work?

When it comes to SEO, online visibility or online presence, and lead generation, Google Guarantee does work.

Becoming a Google-screened business is definitely a great move for your company as you can have an edge over your competition that isn’t Google Guaranteed yet.

Joining the Google Guaranteed program will also give your potential customers an assurance that you are indeed a legitimate business.

You will enjoy the benefits of being a Google Guaranteed business while your Google Guaranteed work will give reassurance to your customers.

Is Getting Google Guaranteed Worth It?

Getting Google Guaranteed is definitely worth it and perfect for small businesses with smaller marketing budgets or even large businesses with thousands worth of marketing budgets.

For a minimal monthly fee of $50, you get to enjoy having the Google Guaranteed badge and increased visibility on Google.

You have full control over your budget and you can adjust it as needed.

Google Guarantee alongside Local Services Ads from Google is a powerful lead generation tool.

You only pay when your customer calls you directly from your Google ad and if they complain about your service and request to get reimbursed by Google, Google will still give you the chance to resolve the issue yourself.

The program is fair since your Google Guaranteed work is only covered by Google from the initial service date – unreasonable complaints from your customers will be screened and most likely rejected by Google.

Does Google Guarantee Work?

Google Guarantee alongside Local Services Ads from Google is a powerful lead generation tool.

Google Guarantee is fair and affordable, and it works.

After all, it is created and maintained by no other than the largest and most trusted search engine in the world.

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