Places in the Home Cement or Concrete is Starting to Show Up

When you think about cement or concrete, you likely think about summer road construction, your driveway, or even heavy outdoor planters. Few people would think about using it as a form of interior decorating or home remodeling, but that is exactly what is happening.

People have taken this once frowned-upon material and started adding it to the interior of their home for incredibly beautiful results. If you are about to renovate some, or all, of the interior of your home, you may want to give some serious thought to what cement has the ability to offer.

Start with the Walls

One of the easiest places to start thinking about adding cement is to your walls. That’s right, it can go up on the walls just like your drywall. There are sheets of cement that you can put up on your walls straight from the manufacturer, but that is not always what homeowners want.

If you are looking for more creativity, then you may want to do the cement work by hand. You can also hire someone who works with cement in small batches to create the design that suits you best on your walls.

There are also cement blocks that can be used for walls to create a unique look. This allows you to take different shapes and sizes of blocks and create a pattern that complements your room.

Next, Consider Your Floors

If cement is suitable for roads and driveways, why not consider it on your floors? You may think that all you get is a dull gray finish, but that is not always the case.

Today’s cement or stamped concrete allows you to have different color stains, finishes, and even patterns in the floors that you create. Someone can come in and bring different examples of what type of finish you can go with so you can see the look right in your home.

If you are covering a bathroom floor, you can opt to go with a textured floor so that people are far less likely to slip. For rooms like the kitchen, dining room, or a mud or laundry room, you may want to go with a glossy finish to help brighten up the room.

There are several stains that you can add to the cement before it goes on your floor, giving you access to nearly any color you could ask for. Plus, the floor self-levels, so even if your floor is slightly tilted, you will get an even, perfect finish that will last.

Work Surfaces Are Ideal for Concrete Finishes

Any part of your home that gets heavy use is typically ideal for a cement finish. Think about countertops. How often are they used to hold things, prepare food, leaned on, and soaking wet?

Cement can stand up to all of these things. Cement can be sealed, which allows it to become nearly impervious to moisture and stains, making it ideal for counters. Plus, the original gray color is perfect for nearly any color scheme that your home may have.

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Center Islands

You can add cement into the bathroom, giving your walls, counters, and even faucet a unique, modern look. Plus, you can use a stain to add punches of different color into the room wherever you see fit.

You Can Also Use Cement to Create Furniture Within Your Home

On top of being able to use cement as a building material for the structures within your home, you can also use it to create the items within your home. Take your living room, for example.

Create a simple plywood table or shelf, then cover it with a thin layer of cement. This gives you a unique piece of furniture that will last indefinitely and forever be easy to clean. While it may not be ideal for any seating surface of your home, it can be used for any type of storage or functional piece of furniture with ease.

What Makes Cement Such a Versatile Material?

You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile and strong material to use in your home than cement. It works in bedrooms, basements, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. For those that want a modern or industrial look in their home, this material fits right in perfectly.

The extent of your limitations include the weight of the cement where you want to put it, and your imagination. Cement is incredibly inexpensive when compared to many other materials you can use around your home, but it often lasts longer than most of the other material options you have.

On top of that, your items will always be easy to clean up since you can typically rinse and walk away from any cement surface of your home.

If you want to update your home with a modern or industrial appeal, you may want to consider using cement. It gives you more options than nearly any other material on the market.

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