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Go Green With Non-GMO Carpet Cleaning Services Near Northfield

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Experience the Advantages of Organic Carpet Cleaning in Your Home or Business


If you’re like most home or business owners, you are probably already aware of the consequences associated with a neglected carpet. Respiratory issues, allergies, skin irritation, lowered immune system, stomach illness- and the list goes on. Keeping your carpet clean is essential to a healthy and happy space for you, your loved ones, or employees and clients.

When the time comes to clean the carpet inside of our residential or commercial building, most of us will do a little research before hiring a carpet cleaning company. We factor price, distance, efficiency, experience, etc. Whoever will get the job done well at the best price usually wins. However, how many of us pay attention to what they are using to clean our carpets?


The reality is that most conventional carpet cleaners use chemicals that are highly toxic to get out stains and rejuvenate the carpet. Chemicals such as butoxyethanol, perchloroethylene,  naphthalene, and many more are common in several professional carpet cleaning products. These chemicals are known to cause health problems to humans, especially children or adults with a weakened immune system. Moreover, these chemicals stay in the carpet long after the cleaning service is complete.


Everyone deserves a clean indoor environment that poses no health risks. Luckily, in today’s modern world, you can have a carpet that is non-toxic AND works just as well (if not better) than conventional carpet cleaning methods. Essential Carpet Cleaners, LLC uses a specially formulated blend of essential oils that are organic, filter-free and eco-friendly. Here are a few advantages of organic carpet cleaning:



Healthy Carpet, Happy Home: Non-Toxic Cleaning Options to Improve Your Indoor Environment


Don’t get another carpet cleaning with harmful, toxic ingredients that will embed into your carpet. Instead, call the experts at Essential Carpet Cleaners, LLC. Their mission is to provide organic, eco-friendly options without compromising quality. Furthermore, their non-toxic methods work better than harmful, chemical filled treatments. Your carpet will look its best without compromising your health!


Not only are their methods environmental and health conscious, but they also go above and beyond to provide top-quality customer service. They take the time to educate their clients about organic carpet cleaning and answer any questions that they may have. Once they get to work, they complete each project with efficiency and detailed-attention.


We guarantee you’ll be happy you called them, get in touch with one of their professional carpet cleaning experts to find out more information about their services at 507-649-2652 if you are located in Northfield, Faribault, Farmington, Lakeville, Apple Valley, or the surrounding areas. They look forward to partnering with you for a safer, healthier and happier home or office.


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