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How Much Does Google Adwords Cost

When it comes to the cost of Google Adwords, there are a few factors that come into play. Creactive does NOT take a percentage of your budget, we work off of a specified amount that we come up with when you join services. Our monthly pricing is determined by how much continual work will be needed every week on your account.

As a matter of fact, we have accounts that we currently manage for as little as $199.00 a month. We are committed to making online marketing as affordable as possible for small business owners. Many of our clients are sole proprietors and don’t need to invest thousands of dollars every month to stay busy or to achieve their business goals. Whatever you decide to invest with Google goes 100% to your Google Adwords Campaigns. Our Adwords management pricing stays the same.

What are on Boarding Cost

To get the proper results out of a Google Adwords Campaign takes work. You just can’t run ads to your website and expect results. Your landing pages need to be designed a certain way, the content must be laid out properly and written in a way that Google will determine your web page or website as the top business for the keywords or keyword ad groups that you are targeting with your AdWords campaign.

Onboarding will be determined by the campaign that you want to run, by how many different ad groups, and how many different landing pages and ads that will need to be designed and created.


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