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There are many questions regarding the significance of your local Google profile, otherwise known as  Google My Business.  For many business owners, this is a confusing area. Our goal is to shed some light on this topic, and the difference between Google My Business and Google+.

What is a Google Local profile or Google My Business page?

– In layman terms, this is a landing page attached to Google Maps in your local area.  The page can display information about your business, services, and offer directions (if you own a brick and mortar type business). This page can also link to your website, and contact information.

Who should have a Google My Business Page?

– Every business, whether they have a storefront or they are a mobile service business providing work at the customer’s location. Mobile services include General Contractors, Carpet Cleaning, Maid Service, HVAC Contractors, etcetera.

What is the difference between Google+ and Google My Business Pages?

– Google+ is a social network similar to Facebook.  Businesses can use it to be seen by potential clients, and to keep existing clients connected by informing them about current events and specials.  Your Google Business page is connected to Google Maps, and is used for displaying information, hours of operation, phone number, and link to your website and/or business location.

How important is it for a business to have a Local Page?

– For local business, this is extremely important! When you type Carpet Cleaners into the Google search bar, the first page is populated with only a handful of businesses. When you see the businesses in the middle of the page with an A,B,C,D,E,F,G to the right of them, these listings are the businesses local pages (Map Section). Those top 7 listings get 70% of the searches!

How far out of my local area will my Local Page show up?

– This is a tough question, but it always starts in your local zip code. As your web presence is better established, your page will expand further out. In many cases your page can show up for the entire city. If your business is located in New York City, and your main keyword is maid service, you will calculate that thousands of new potential clients are seeing your company’s name if your local page is visible throughout the entire city!

Example, City Maid Service is one of our clients!  Maid Service in New York City

What if I operate my business out of my home and don’t want my address to appear in searches?

– If you are a service business and clients do not come to you, Google requires that your address be hidden from people searching online. This means that home based business can have a Google Local Page!

Can I have more than one Google Local Page?

– Yes, only if you have multiple locations. Each location needs to have a separate phone number and the most obvious, a different address!


We hope this provided you with more insight on the subject, and as a business owner, you found this post useful. If you have any questions regarding Google Pages and how to set up one, please feel free to contact us!

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