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Grout Cleaning, Frisco TX; Consider These Top 3 Companies

Living in a house with tiled floors gives a cozy feeling. Tiles are also durable and have enhanced aesthetic appeal when installed professionally.

Generally, tiled floors are the in-thing for many residents of Frisco, Texas. But what if you realize that the grout in between your tiles starts staining? It would be an eyesore.

So what’s the solution? Grout Cleaning.

You can choose to DIY or seek help from an expert grout cleaner. If you reside in Texas, you can always hire professional grout cleaning in Frisco, TX.

We have eased your job by highlighting the top 3 companies and a few other details you need to know.

Let’s dig right in!

What Is Grout Cleaning?

If you look closer at your tiles, you’ll realize there’s some paste filling the spaces between the individual tiles. The paste or motor used in sealing crevices between wall or floor tiles is called grout.

With time, the grout lines stain and change color for different reasons, making it essential that you consider floor cleaning services to restore their original color.

The bad news is that grout cleaning can be hell on earth. The good news is that there is a way out.

What Makes Grout Cleaning So Difficult?

Cleaning tiles can be a breeze since they are typically smooth. When it comes to grout, it’s a different story altogether.

Because of the porous nature of grout, it becomes a welcome home for grease, spills, mildew, and all sorts of grime.

Once it absorbs these things, you can’t eliminate them by wiping or light mopping. It’s even worse if your mopping technique is poor, as you risk letting in the dirty water into the grout instead.

Pressure washing, steam cleaning, dry ice blasting, and chemical cleaning are the most commonly used methods by professional cleaners.

If you use a wire brush to scrub the grout thoroughly or use acidic mixtures, the grout will deteriorate.

On the other hand, if you thought bleach was your perfect answer, you are wrong. It will only break down your grout slowly but surely, forcing you to incur extra costs for grout repair.

Another option is to use Steam cleaners, which only loosen caulk or make the grout soft. This is dangerous, as it will create a leeway for moisture to seep behind your tiles and lead to water damage.

Does it sound like all hope is lost? Don’t worry. That’s precisely why carpet cleaning experts come with packages that ensure your floor tile undergoes extremely professional cleaning to avoid damage.

What Makes Grout Dirty?

Tile floors, just like every other type of flooring, are prone to get dirty from exposure to elements.

For instance, the floor tiles on your verandah and entryway will likely be exposed to dirt and grime from shoes. Those in your kitchen suffer daily spillages, whereas those in your laundry and bathroom will have to survive molds.

Other rooms aside, it is evident that you will need grout cleaning services to ensure you have clean floors at one point or the other.

Is It Necessary to Clean and Seal My Grout?

Yes. Below are some of the reasons why you must ensure your grout remains clean at all times:

  1. Discolored grout has a dingy feel that is not pleasant to the eye.
  2. Cleaning is part of regular maintenance, which helps to keep your tiles strong and in the right shape.
  3. Cleaned and sealed grout lasts longer, as it doesn’t break.
  4. Broken grout can cause scratches on your tile, compromising the appearance and creating more room for dirt and grime.
  5. Dirty grout is dangerous to your health. They hold mold and fungus, which can trigger allergic reactions. People with chronic respiratory diseases are more disadvantaged in such cases.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If anything, who doesn’t want a sparkling tile floor with the grout cleaned?

How Often Should You Clean Your Tiles and Grout?

As you do your daily or weekly cleaning, you must clean your floors too.

However, since you may not be an expert at it, hiring the services of professional carpet cleaners to give your tiles and grout an overhaul is sometimes necessary. They clean and seal the grout to ensure your tiles last longer.

As to how often you should have them cleaned, well, that depends. It revolves around how much dirt your home or commercial building faces. Some of these factors that the frequency depends on include:

  1. Number of people living/visiting/working there
  2. Presence of children and pets
  3. Frequent exposure to dirt and dust
  4. Regular use of the stovetop

So, how often should you clean your grout? If more than one of these factors applies to you, you should consider cleaning once or twice yearly to maintain the grout. Otherwise, the choice is yours.

Should You Hire Professional Grout Cleaning Services?

It’s a question of quality vs. quantity. Before you consider skipping the professional cleaning services to save money, always remember that cheap is expensive.

Besides removing dirt that has deeply invaded your grout, expert cleaners will also offer grout sealing services to prevent grime and spills from seeping in. This will also protect the grout during regular cleaning.

So, how do you get professional tile and grout cleaning services in Frisco, TX?

We have briefly reviewed three of the best companies you can contact whenever you need tile and carpet cleaning services.

#1. Grout Works Garland

Grout Works Garland is a professional one-stop shop for all your needs as far as tiles and grout are concerned.

It is a customer-centered business and always puts the customer’s interests above everything else.

With a 5-star rating on HomeAdvisor, you can rest assured that they prioritize 100% customer satisfaction.

Some of the services they offer include:

They have a team of professional cleaners who use the most modern equipment in the industry to ensure efficiency and convenience in speed.

They also work with minimum fee and their jobs are specially tailored to meet your individual needs.

The probability of dissatisfaction is almost zero, but if you ever happen to be dissatisfied, the cleaners will return to ensure you get value for your money.

You can contact them for a free estimate or to know more about their services. There’s always a friendly assistant ready to answer all your questions and even offer extra expert advice.

This company is a household name in Frisco and beyond because:

#2. KIWI

KIWI Lover’s One-Year Carpet Cleaning service opened its first location in Dallas, Texas, in 1987. They are famous for their $4 per room carpet Cleaning service for an entire year. This allows their customers to purchase unlimited all-year-round services.

Apart from carpet cleaning, they also offer

They also have a green carpet cleaning solution and KIWI Lover coffee mugs.

KIWI is the best for those who are keen on:

#3. TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Having been in operation since 1988, TLC Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned and operated business with highly trained professionals.

Their employees are handpicked after thorough background checks. You can feel safe trusting them with your property.

They only use environmentally safe products, and they have no hidden charges.

They offer both commercial and residential services, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

Their grout cleaning services are flexible and can handle any surface, from tubs to showers, floors, hallways, foyers, and staircases.

They are highly rated and approved by different platforms, including Better Business Bureau and HomeAdvisor.

TLC Carpet Cleaning is a perfect option if you are looking for:

What’s Our Best Pick?

As usual, it won’t be good to confuse you with many exceptional companies without pointing you in the right direction.

Our number one company in Frisco, Texas, is Grout Works Garland. They have all it takes to top the list, from excellent customer relations to several years of experience, perfect customer rating, flexible packages, and top-notch service.

They specifically deal with tiles and grout, making them the best service technician to deep clean your grout, and at reasonable price.

KIWI is our second choice, standing out for their $4 carpet cleaning service and eco-friendly approach. However, they are more bent on general carpet cleaning than grout cleaning.

TLC Carpet Cleaning has the right team for almost every job, making them fit on this list. Just like KIWI, they are not focused on grout cleaning.

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