HomeAdvisor is a leading online marketplace that helps connect homeowners with local contractors. The contractors are pre-screened and pay to advertise on the network, helping to create a reliable directory of trusted professionals.

While HomeAdvisor provides convenient services, it has competition. There are several websites that also provide these matching services between homeowners and professionals.

Angie’s List, Houzz, and Thumbtack are a few of the top Home Advisor competitors. Homeowners and professionals should explore the pros and cons of each platform before using any of these services.

Houzz Provides a Wide Range of Helpful Resources

When comparing HomeAdvisor vs Houzz, both sites provide their own advantages. While HomeAdvisor primarily offers a way to find trusted home improvement professionals in a local area, Houzz includes a wider variety of features, such as:

  • Design ideas and photos
  • Remodeling advice
  • Discussions and forums
  • Products for sale

Houzz also offers a directory of local professionals. However, HomeAdvisor provides direct access to contractors, instead of simply providing a listing of professionals.

While the contractor listings on HomeAdvisor require more verification, Houzz gives homeowners a complete collection of home improvement resources. They may browse photos to gain inspiration for their projects, read helpful advice, and discuss tips with professionals and other homeowners.

 HomeAdvisor (NASDAQ: ANGI) Acquired Angie’s List

Angie’s List was one of the biggest direct Home Advisor competitors until May of 2017. Instead of competing with Angie’s List, they decided to purchase the company.

The owner of HomeAdvisor purchased Angie’s List and plans to merge the two services together. However, this merger has not yet occurred. Both sites currently remain separate and continue to operate independently.

Both HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List offer directories and reviews of contractors. They also both provide methods for contacting contractors and comparing quotes. In a direct Home Advisor vs Angie’s List comparison, HomeAdvisor offers several benefits.

HomeAdvisor offers a quicker connection between the homeowner and the contractor. When it comes to home improvement leads, contractors seem to get better results on HomeAdvisor.

Thumbtack Does Not Require Background Checks

Thumbtack is a directory site that provides access to a diverse selection of professional services, covering home, wellness, crafts, and even web design. Homeowners searching for contractors may find professionals in their area that provide the following services:

  • Interior design
  • Landscaping
  • Roof repair
  • General contracting
  • Interior painting

There are dozens of additional categories to cover every area of the home. Like Angie’s List, Thumbtack is primarily a directory site.

With Thumbtack, homeowners can browse a listing of professionals and read customer reviews. They can also click a button to request a quote. However, this does not provide the same connection that is offered by HomeAdvisor.

When comparing Thumbtack vs HomeAdvisor, HomeAdvisor provides the safest option for homeowners. They conduct background checks on the contractors and ensure that homeowners are matched with the right services.


Home Advisor Competitors – Are They Worth Using?


Each of these websites provides useful resources for homeowners who are planning home improvement projects. However, these sites also provide slightly different services.

Besides a directory of professionals, Houzz offers advice, photos, and tips for homeowners. They also sell products, including furniture.

For homeowners, Houzz provides the greatest selection of useful resources. Contractors may find the steep cancellation fees for advertisements to be a major drawback.

Angie’s List focuses more on customer reviews and requires contractors to pay for advertisements. The leads are also sent to multiple contractors, which results in more competition.

Thumbtack offers the widest selection of services. Everything from web design to lawn mowing is included. Out of the various Home Advisor Competitors, Thumbtack is the only one that does not require background checks.


How Much Does It Cost to Use These Services?


HomeAdvisor and its competitors allow homeowners to join for free. However, most of these services require the professionals to pay for the creation of a profile. To obtain leads or appear in the top of the directory, professionals need to pay additional fees.

How much does Home Advisor cost? There are several costs involved for contractors. They must first pay a $350 annual fee to use the services. The cost per lead varies between $15 and $60.

Houzz is the one competitor that allows contractors to create a free profile. If they want to obtain leads or receive the full benefits of the site, they need to upgrade their account. While Thumbtack does charge a membership fee, they are the only competitor that does not charge for leads.

These four websites help match homeowners and contractors. However, with HomeAdvisor, homeowners can arrange for the contractors to call them, often within one or two minutes. Appointments can also be arranged through Facebook or online, without any direct contact between the homeowner and contractor.

Due to the thorough background checks and registration process, HomeAdvisor may offer the best solution for either party.

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