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Houzz Pro for Contractors, Is It Worth It? 

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Have you ever struggled with making multiple phone calls, sending numerous emails, and scheduling many house or office visits to clients to show them a proposal or provide quick updates? 

If your answer is yes, you will find Houzz Pro beneficial. 

Houzz Pro is a project management application or software you can access on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

For as low as $65 per month, you get access to project management and professional construction software that enables you to communicate with your clients, assign tasks to your team, create and send proposals and invoices, and so much more. 

What is Houzz Pro? 

Simply put, Houzz Pro is a business management software you can use on your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. 

Small, medium, and large enterprises and even freelance contractors can use it. 

While there are plenty of features and business tools in its client portal, which we will dig into later, the essential purpose of this software or app is to simplify the business process and make it more efficient for both you, the contractor, and your customers. 

How Much Does Houzz Pro Cost? 

Considering all the benefits and features of Houzz Pro, its starting price of $99 per month is reasonably affordable.

There are 4 Houzz Pro plans to choose from. They are as follows: 

Start a free trial today or speak to customer support about getting the Starter, Essential, and Pro plans. The free version runs for 30 days before you begin with the starting price.

As of writing time, you can get the Essential and Pro plans at 50% off for the first three months. The Essential plan will only cost $70 monthly, while the Pro plan is $99 monthly. 

What Features Do the Houzz Pro Plans Include?

To give you an overview, the Houzz Pro Starter Plan includes the following software solutions:

  1. CRM
  2. Proposals
  3. Estimates
  4. Online Invoicing
  5. Online Payments
  6. Time Tracking
  7. Client Dashboard
  8. Project Tracker
  9. 3D Floor Planner
  10. Mood Boards
  11. Mobile App
  12. Purchase Orders
  13. Cost Catalog
  14. Task Management
  15. Quickbooks Integration
  16. Financial Reporting

Of course, the Essential, Pro, and Ultimate plans are packed with many more features. You can view all the included Houzz Pro features according to pricing plans here.

It is also great to know that support from onboarding experts is included in all types of plans. 

Houzz Pro also boasts of its reliable support team. Contact support When you need assistance, and someone will help you.

While you can enjoy email support for the Starter Plan, standard support for the Essential Plan, and premium support for the Pro Plan, you will get dedicated support when you sign up for the Ultimate Plan. 

Who Should Use Houzz Pro? 

Houzz is used by general and specialty contractors, including home builders, home remodeling and design professionals, interior designers, and many more. It caters to all business sizes.

If you are looking for a user-friendly, all-in-one solution for project management, team task management, and giving your clients real-time updates, then Houzz Pro would be a significant consideration. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Houzz Pro? 

Suppose the above descriptions of Houzz Pro are not convincing enough for you to sign your business up. In that case, it is time to dig deeper into the benefits of Houzz Pro for design professionals, interior designers, general contractors, and other home improvement professionals. 

Houzz Pro Benefits for Consumers

It is excellent to know that Houzz Pro is beneficial not only for contractors like you but for consumers too. 

Houzz Pro allows a consumer or your client to communicate with you remotely. 

It saves time, money, and effort. 

Furthermore, with the help of design tools available on the software, clients can visualize the result of the project. 

They can manage their expectations and make adjustments before any material is wasted on a project. 

It is also easier to backtrack communication – this is extremely important, especially to clients concerned about reviewing proposals, contracts, and other decisions made throughout the project. 

Houzz Pro Benefits for Contractors

You do not need to develop elaborate and expensive project management software. Houzz Pro has it all for you. 

Although many clients still prefer face-to-face meetings and contracts printed on paper all the time, many more now prefer more convenient alternatives such as apps like Houzz Pro. 

You can enjoy plenty of advantages when using Houzz Pro. Here are only a few of them. 

Lead Generation Platform

You will get the chance to be found by customers looking for services such as those you offer when you are signed up with Houzz Pro. 

You can close a deal with a customer on the app by showcasing your products and services, portfolio, possible project proposals, and more.

Houzz Pro’s marketing program allows you to target locations and projects you want and need.

Lead management works great, too – you can easily update your availability and respond to potential leads directly using the app.  

Save Time and Money

Just like customers who choose to use Houzz Pro for their projects, you can save time and money too. 

Instead of having to meet up with customers to present a proposal or give updates, you can simply upload these on the app. 

You can even use Houzz Pro for invoicing, payment requests, and more. 

Quick and Easy Communication 

Not only will Houzz Pro make communication with your customers easier, but it will also make communication with your team simpler. 

Houzz Pro is such a valuable and efficient project management tool. It also helps you organize projects within your team. 

You can create a list of things to do and assign them to your team members. This way, you can easily track the progress of each project without having to reach out to your staff and crew one by one. 

Manage Your Project On the Go

One of the best things about Houzz Pro is how convenient it is to use. 

If you’re the type to work on your computer, you will appreciate using Houzz Pro on your desktop. 

But if you are always on the go and want to manage your project remotely, you can definitely do so by downloading the Houzz Pro app on your iOS or Android device. 

This means you can quickly track project progress, update your team and customers, or even create invoices and send payment requests straight from your smartphone. 

Get Assistance From a Client Success Manager

When you’re signed up with Houzz Pro, you will have access to a client success manager. 

Depending on your Houzz Pro plan, you can even have a dedicated client success manager to help you. 

Their job is precisely what their job title suggests – they will help you succeed. 

They will find the best Houzz Pro plan, recommend the best features you can take advantage of, remind you if it’s time to renew your plan, and so on. 

Are There Any Houzz Pro Disadvantages?


Like most things, there’s room for improvement in Houzz Pro.

Houzz Pro users rarely report frustrating glitches happening, which is excellent!  

Among the few cons that some contractors have mentioned is the difficulty or sometimes inability to print out or at least download details that have been entered into the app. 

This, for sure, will be or possibly has already been updated within the app. 

The good news is that you can always speak to the client success manager to guide you if you need help with anything on the app. 

Also, remember that you have the option for a free trial for Houzz products such as this. You can see for yourself if Houzz Pro is right for you. 

Popular Houzz Pro Key Features You Should Try

There are plenty of project management mobile apps out there that offer the same CRM features and task management features that Houzz Pro provides. 

It has all the functionality and essential features you need to help you with plenty of tasks, from getting leads to creating proposals to managing projects for multiple customers and so much more. 

Over time, they add new features too. 

3D Floor Planner

The 3D Floor Planner is one of the visualization tools you can use on Houzz Pro. 

It’s a great way to help manage your customer’s expectations and save you time since you have access to a vast library of materials from mood boards to flooring to carpets to tiles and so much more. 

Task Management Tool 

The task management tool lets you list all the tasks for every project, and you can assign them to your staff. These tasks can be marked complete when they’re done so you can monitor the project’s progress. 

Project Timeline

Once again, this feature helps you manage the expectations of customers. More importantly, it can help you manage your time, project, and schedule. 

Estimates and Payments

The software lets you send proposals to homeowner leads and potential customers, create and send invoices, and request payments. 

Lead Management

Because many customers now use Houzz to look for specialty contractors, you can use Houzz Pro as a lead generation and management tool. While on it, you can also respond directly to inquiries, post business hours, update your availability, and more. 

Online Impact Score

On the back end of Houzz Pro, you will see your online impact score, which will help you identify issues, problems, and possible opportunities for improvement with your online presence. 

Establish Your Brand Further With Houzz Pro

Build your profile with Houzz, describe your business well, post pictures and completed projects, and more. This helps you build your brand further. Whether in the home construction business or as a design professional, you can use this feature. 

Communicate With Your Customers Easily and Efficiently

We have mentioned this earlier and will do so again because this is indeed one of Houzz Pro’s most outstanding features, making it the best software. 

With Houzz Pro, you can easily and efficiently communicate with your customers without always getting on the phone or visiting them in person. You can quickly answer specific report requests using the app’s reporting feature. 

Full Customer Lifecycle Advantage from Houzz Pro

A customer lifecycle begins with lead generation, where you introduce your brand to a potential customer. 

You will then get their contact details, win a sale, and deliver your project as promised. 

This lifecycle is completed with loyalty. When a customer is happy, they will give you an honest review, encouraging others to try you out too. 

All these can happen within Houzz Pro – from lead generation to the point wherein a customer is already giving you a review. 

How to Install Houzz Pro

You can install Houzz Pro by signing up on their website. You may have to create and build a brand new profile if you don’t have one yet. 

You will then have to choose one of the available plans or opt for a free trial. 

Consult With a Houzz Pro Client Success Manager

If you are unsure what Houzz Pro plan to use for your business or if the app is right for you, you may consult a Houzz expert to help you. Just visit their site and click the link to talk to an expert.   

Is Houzz Pro Worth It?

For a starting price of $65 per month, Houzz Pro is worth it. Paying extra for the other plans for even more Houzz Pro software features is also worth it.  

Many businesses spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars monthly for marketing without seeing much result

But Houzz Pro users have reported excellent results over the years – they got plenty of leads that materialized into profitable projects, they were able to use the app for both their clients and their team, and so much more. 

Choosing Houzz Pro will help you if you want more potential clients, a better online presence, name recognition, lead generation and lead management, task management, and marketing assistance, among many others.

So, if you don’t have Houzz Pro yet, consider getting a plan for your company or going for the free trial soon. 


Houzz Pro is a useful project management software for home builders, design professionals, and other specialty contractors in the home construction and improvement industries. 

It has multiple functions, CRM applications, visualization tools, task management tools, and so much more than a construction, remodeling, or interior design business – or practically any type of company that Houzz has on its list of categories can find very useful. 

At a relatively cheap monthly cost, it is worth investing in this software since it benefits your company, clients, and customers. 

It can help you find new leads, communicate with potential clients, manage tasks with your team, and many more in the same place. It is an all-in-one solution for your company. 

Houzz Pro is an excellent asset to your company if you want to continue building your brand and your reputation, find more leads, get more profitable projects, manage tasks, and communicate with your customers easily and efficiently. 


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