When you have a house or apartment, you know that some things will break and will need to be fixed. You also probably know that this can quickly get costly, sometimes rising up to the tens of thousands.

This means that contractors who specialize in proper jobs and have a working sales process in place can make a lot of money. Moreover, once a person finds a contractor they like, they tend to continue to use them and recommend them to friends. This provides great lifetime value.

The downside is that most contractors don’t want to focus on the sales part and would rather get to the housework. This is where leads come into play. You can simply get a list of people that are interested in having jobs done and the sale almost finishes itself.

So, How Does Homeadvisor Get Leads?

HomeAdvisor basically serves as a bridge or intermediary between the contractor and the customer. Their system locates leads or people that submit their job needs to the website and matches them to local contractors that match that criteria. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.


The sites use various techniques themselves to attract people to use their site. The next step is for them to then match those people with contractors looking for work. The best way to attract potential leads is by using display advertising and HomeAdvisor is the best in the field. Want the answer to how does homeadvisor get leads, Read on!


The main problem is that home improvement often includes a variety of projects. This means that you need to do a lot of research in order to understand and locate which ones are your best chances of attracting customers.


HomeAdvisor knows its way around this well and they are spending money on displaying the correct ads. In this case, the most popular niches are:

  • Pest extermination
  • Plumbing
  • Mold Removal


These jobs have a very high demand and they are also extremely profitable for both HomeAdvisor and the contractors that use it. It’s also important to note that HomeAdvisor uses Google text ads. We’ll dive into this on another section below.


3rd Party Sites

There is a lot of demand for information on getting things fixed around the home. This means that there are also a lot of websites that are geared up for the subject, and the various niches involved. These sites will often see a lot of traffic, and Homeadvisor can benefit from that.


When you visit any website, you will often see pop-up ads and banner ads advertising various products and services. These can help the webmaster to fund the website and even make a profit. It also helps their visitors to find relevant service plus, of course, it is beneficial to the advertiser… such as Homeadvisor.

Organic Search

In this day and age, when we are looking for something, we will usually look for it on the internet. The internet is a great source of information on just about any topic, including home repairs and renovations. Homeadvisor takes full advantage of this and makes sure that their site is found when people are performing searches.


This is also convenient for you because it helps you to find what you want quickly when performing internet searches. With just a click, you can be taken to a landing page or directly to their website where you will find just what you need. This method also makes it easy for you to shop around at different sites, although many will find that Homeadvisor is the best for them.

Final Thoughts

HomeAdvisor describes themselves as the best website and mobile app provider that offers free resources and tools to repair, improve or maintain your home. Their data proves that they’re definitely good at their trade.


They’ve been known for spending quite a large amount (up to $800,000) on display advertising in only a three-month period. Would you spend that amount of money if your business wasn’t working? Of course not. Likewise, HomeAdvisor is making the most out of their system while also helping contractors get leads and manage their sales in an easier way.

In this article we broke down their sales funnel, analyzing how their three simple methods of attracting web surfers and turning them into leads are effective and continue to work flawlessly until now.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to give it a test ride and check it out for yourself. The system is pretty straightforward and since you can turn leads on and off, there’s nothing to lose.

If you are a contractor and tired of buying leads for leads generation companies like Homadvisor, Angie’s List, or Thumbtack, you should contact us.