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How to set up a Google Business Page

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How to set up a Google Business Page

Most business owners have a enough to worry about when it comes to running their business. Adding one more task like managing a Google My Business page or Google plus business page just seems like one more added task that just doesn’t make much sense!

Well, let us shed some light on the subject. Your Google business page is what potential new customer will see when searching for your goods or services in your area. You don’t need to have a storefront, if you are a contractor and deliver services at your customer’s home or business, you can still have a Google Business Page and you don’t have to show your home address.

Google Maps or Google Local Business Page

Ok, Google maps and your Google Local business page are the same thing! That’s right, they are the same and having a listing in the map section on Google is some cases is better than having a website! No bull, for 95% of all the local businesses in the US and Canada, who receive phone calls or new customers online, are getting them from their Google Local Page, not their website.

If you have a website, and you link it to your local page, when someone clicks on your page they are directed directly to your website. So it might seem like your website is bring in traffic, but in reality all the traffic is coming in from your Google profile.

What do I need to set up my Google Page

The first thing you will need is a Gmail account. If you don’t already have a Gmail account you will have to set one up. Here is a link You won’t have to use the gmail account for email, you will just have to have an account to set up your new page.

Once you have set up a new Gmail account and are login, then you will have to go to Google My Business. Once you are on the the My Business page, click the start now button.  Then you will be prompted to search for your business by name and address. If your business doesn’t show up then click on add your business.

Start entering all you business info, including name, address, phone, and pick a category that is closest to what your company does. If you do not have a store front check off I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location. Then click continue!

The you will see: My business delivers goods & services to customers within this area: Here you can put in zip codes that you service or a radius of how far you go from your location. If you have a storefront, you will have to check off the I also serve customers at my business address box on the left.  Click continue!

Check off I am authorized to manage this business and I agree to the terms for service. Click continue, then on the next page you want to choose mail me my activation code. Once you click mail it, you are done for now.

Do Not Update the Page until you enter your pin code from Google!

This is very important, DO NOT touch your Google Business page until you receive the Google pin and enter it in the verify now part of the Google page. If you make certain changes to your page before it is verified you might end up requesting a new verification code.

In most cases your Google verification code will arrive in five to seven days and the page does not go live on Google Maps for 24 to 48 hours after you enter the verification code. So, making changes to the page before hand makes no sense!

I did not receive my Google Pin Verification

In a lot of cases people think that the Google  verification postcard is spam and they end up throwing it away. Trust us, this happens all the time! When this happens you can manually verify the page 14 days after your request for a pin verification.

To do this you will have to go to this link Google My Business Support , click on verification, click on I requested a postcard more than 14 days ago, request a call, “this the best and quickest way”  Fill out all the information needed, click next, then click call me. Your phone will ring and then someone from Google will help you with verifying your business listing.

Still not sure how to do this? Call Ryan Goering “CEO/Janitor” 714.769.9001 ext. 101 I will help you set your page properly, free of charge!

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