digital marketing services or traditional Finding the right way to get the service and mission of a company or business out in front of potential consumers is just about as important as anything other than having competent management and disciplined financial practices.

An internet marketing service will offer a number of advantages over the conventional and frankly, rapidly fading traditional options.

Digital marketing includes a number of flexible and highly effective methods for increasing leads and prospect generation. The reason this is so important is that with advertising budgets in place for businesses and the ever-growing audience to market to, it becomes more important to maximize those advertising dollars by using them on specifically targeted audiences.

Traditional methods are more rigid and somewhat outdated when you look into the way people view advertisements and make purchasing decisions. While they once used to be the standard for marketing campaigns and company exposure, the fact is now that it has been bypassed in the digital age.


The Times They Are a’ Changin’

For as long as anyone can remember, the strategies and platforms of marketing were pretty much the same, other than a few new trends, designs, and other minor changes every year. Mediums such as TV, radio, papers and magazines, mailbox flyers, billboards, and multiple other sources provided the major groundwork for nearly all advertisement materials.


But with the advent of the internet and later on, high-speed internet, the way the world would operate would soon begin to shift. With this change in consumer behavior came plenty of research and other activity with a much greater emphasis on things like Google Adwords and search engine optimization, just to mention a couple of examples.


The Rise of Internet Marketing

Once it started becoming available, business analysts began to quickly recognize that the ability to purchase various items and products online, as well as the increasingly fast delivery options, made for what would soon become the most popular method of researching products and services, as well as buying them. This creates a lot of competition in the digital world.


As technology continues to grow at an unparalleled rate, so too does the availability and accessibility of digital and online media. Now people are streaming their favorite TV shows on their phones, doing business on their tablets, and tracking workouts and making calls on their watches. There is so much traffic on numerous virtual platforms. It’s all potential for profits.


The King of Marketing and Advertising Has Been Toppled

But there wasn’t only one kind of conventional or viable marketing strategy in the pre-internet marketing era, even though there was one clear industry leader. Here are a few of the options businesses and individuals had to gain exposure for their products and services:


  1. Traditional marketing (TV/radio/print/mailer)
  2. Door to door campaigns 
  3. Local charity events
  4. Business card and flyer distribution
  5. Trade Shows and Expos


There are a number of other methods that were either broader or more nuanced in scope and cost, but the idea is just that while there were other ways in which to market one’s brand, traditional practices were the most common and effective.


But no longer is that the case as internet marking is now the big fish in the advertising sea. With the winds of change that have blown as a result of skyrocketing internet use, by far the best and most effective modern way of reaching potential customers and clients is through a digital game plan.


Whether it is watching TV, browsing social media, reading news or entertainment stories, playing games, streaming music, or any of the other thousands of activities that a person can participate in online, it is beyond obvious that the bulk of the marketing in today’s world needs to take place there as well.


Sales Have Changed as Well

While briefly touched on earlier, an emphasis on the way more and more consumers prefer to handle their retail and personal transactions online is definitely worth presenting. In the early days of internet shopping, it really wasn’t all that simple and streamlined. In fact, at times it could be a major hassle.


But like every new emerging retail opportunity and market, it got the kinks worked out of it. Website owners and real-world companies trying to build an online presence begin to improve and simplify their checkout and purchasing processes, as well as accepting multiple methods of payments, both virtual and traditional. All of these things helped to spur its popularity.


Convenience Dominates the Market

And as with so many connected and influenced markets and services, the shipping and delivery competition heated up as well. The reason this is worth mentioning is that when you add in the factor of getting your item in the next day or two with all of the other convenience of online ordering, the vast majority of people find it easier to do most of their shopping online these days.


Taking the discussion back to the main topic, internet marketing is hands down the best course to take in a business plan that is designed to gain exposure and customers, grow the company, increase profits, establish a loyal client base or pipeline, as well as the countless other individual and specific goals a person or business might have for itself.


Why Not Advertise Where Everyone is Already Looking?

business marketing made simple The bottom line about all of these comparisons and examples of the way the marketing and sales industry has changed is that traditional and conventional methods of advertising that may have worked for a hundred years prior the onset of the PC and the evolutions of phones and devices are no longer viable as a legitimate and effective means of marketing today.

They may have been successful for decades and made their clients sizable profits for years, but the fact is that they were only effective before the digital world and the internet marketplace appeared on the scene. Now it is best to accept the advancement and influence of technology in the way things are consumed and therefore meet those potential customers on their turf.

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