Enjoy the Perks of a Healthy Landscape and Improve the Environment With Lawn Care Services


Rarely will you find someone that doesn’t enjoy a lush landscape and beautiful flowers with vibrant colors. Appreciating the aesthetic value of the outdoors is easy, but did you know that there are some tremendous benefits that come from keeping your lawn maintained? That’s right, a well-maintained lawn offers much more than just its appeal. Check out these environmental benefits of owning a healthy landscape:


  • Natural “Air Conditioner”: Asphalt and cement are much warmer than grass. Believe it or not, on average lawns are 31 degrees cooler than asphalt alone!


  • Environmental Cleaner: Grass, bushes, and trees play an essential role in capturing debris, pollutants and other forms of contaminants.


  • Natural Air Cleaner: Not only does a healthy landscape help protect the environment from harsh particles, it also breaks down carbon monoxide into carbon and oxygen. In fact, an average size lawn produces enough oxygen for a small family.


  • Absorbs Water: Unlike cement and asphalt which can lead unhealthy runoff into bodies of water, grass absorbs the runoff water.


  • Reduces Noise: Compared to hard surfaces, grass lawns and plants minimize the level of noise in an area by approximately 20% to 30%.


  • Improved Quality of Life: A recent study showed that neighborhoods with green spaces had lower health care costs and an improved quality of life.


For a healthier environment and higher quality of life maintain your outdoor areas. CLI Services, LLC can assist you with all of your landscaping needs near The Woodlands, TX and the surrounding areas.


Summer is Finally Here: 4 Reasons to Relax and Enjoy Your Landscape!


If you aren’t happy with the shape your yard is in, don’t feel too discouraged. Instead of throwing in the towel and putting off your landscape’s needs even further, consider these reasons why we think the effort will be worth it:


Reason #1:Get motivated, get outside.

Let’s face it, a dried up yard doesn’t exactly motivate you to get physical activity outside or host a barbecue with family and friends.

Reason #2: Encourage family time.

You can enjoy numerous activities outside with your kids. Whether it’s playing sports or telling stories, the outdoors set a great tone for creating precious memories.


Reason #3: Become more social.

With the right landscaping, any yard can turn into a backyard oasis. Host parties, barbeques and other gatherings for your loved ones and friends.


Reason #4: Invest in your home.

That’s right, investing in lawn care means you are investing in your home. Greatly improve the curb appeal of your property with a luscious landscape!


Don’t wait any longer and improve your landscape now. CLI Services, LLC will help you with each step of the way. Their professionals specialize in all areas of lawn care and will work with you to create your dream outdoor oasis.


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