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Is SEO for Plumbers Worth the Money?

As a plumber, do you even need an SEO service anymore? That’s a great question. SEO for many contractors has become a four-letter word. Many of the so-called SEO companies out there deliver very little, or in most cases no results!

Search Engine Optimization has changed over the years, especially for Plumbers and General Contractors. Why is this? Well back in 2015 Google and HomeAdvisor partnered to help give consumers searching online for home services a better experience!

So is SEO for Plumbers Necessary?

Yes, SEO for contractors including plumbers will always be a necessity, but on a smaller scale. What this means, a Google Maps listing are still a great source for new business and being listed as one of the top five will result in new customers on a consistent basis. 

The organic section under that map section has become increasingly more difficult to acquire due to Google giving HomeAdvisor top rankings for just about every keyword under the sun when it comes to home services such as  Plumbers, Kitchen and Bath Remodelers, HVAC contractors, Tree Services, General Contractors, so pretty much everything related to contractors.

What type of Marketing for Plumbers do you Suggest


For plumbers and contractors alike, we have been moving to more of a hybrid marketing plan.  SEO is a smaller part due to the process taking longer to be effective for the business and most business owners want immediate results for their advertising investment. Here are the main categories to consider:


Whatever your marketing budget is, you need to consider dividing it between these marketing outlets. In most cases for contractors we would recommend SEO and PPC, this seems to be the best avenue for finding new clients quickly and efficiently.

How Much Should I Invest Monthly for Marketing?

When it comes to a marketing budget, every business is different. Always keep in mind marketing is 100% tax deductible and if you are investing $100 and getting $125 in return, that’s 25% on your money! Your monthly marketing budget should be broken up into  three different segments:

  1. SEO “ Search Engine Optimization”
  2. PPC or SMM or both
  3. Remarketing

If you are a plumbing company and working with an $800 a month budget. Good SEO for Plumbers should run about $300, the $400 for PPC “pay per click” or Google Adwords and then $100 for remarketing to potential clients who visited your website.

$800 Seems Like a Lot of Money for Marketing Every Month?

We hear this from business owners time and time again. Let’s break it down, 800 comes out to about 25 a day. I like to drink IPA beer, in most cases a good IPA cost about $7.00 a pint at a bar, 3 IPA’s with tip is more than 25 a day!

If you are not investing 25 a day in building your business, you are most likely not growing or spending all your free time knocking on doors. If you are currently getting all your existing clients from word of mouth, that is not going to stop. Marketing is only going to add to this, with re-marketing your ROI will increase and over time your budget will increase as well.

What about Plumbing Websites or a Websites in General?

A proper website is one of the most important items for a business. Having a website that is responsive to all devices, has the proper amount of content and the content laid out properly is the key to good Google Rankings and reducing the cost of your paid advertising, “PPC”.

That’s right, having proper landing pages for major keywords not only helps potential clients understand your services, it will greatly reduce your CPC, “Cost Per Click” with Google advertising.

If you build backlinks, like to save time, and want software that makes insightful and useful recommendations – Linkio might be what you’ve been looking for.

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