OC Kitchen Remodelers A kitchen remodel is one of the best home renovations a homeowner can invest in. The kitchen is generally considered the heart of the home and even for the majority of today’s millennials, it is the most considered space when making a home purchase decision. The cost of appliances, fixtures, cabinetry, and other furniture also often makes this the most expensive part of the home. In order to make the best impression a kitchen remodel may be called for.

To get the best results for any home renovation work, it is best to hire a professional contractor. This is not just because of the cost that is often involved, but also legal requirements, safety, and ensuring quality materials and workmanship. Many people have lamented when they opted to go the DIY route or choose a poor kitchen remodeling Orange County contractor. To avoid this regret it is ideal to have a plan on how to find a suitable contractor.

Before getting to that, however, it is good to consider the reasons why such an investment should be considered. Here is why kitchen remodels should be at the top of the list when looking to improve on a home.

Why Kitchen Remodels Make Sense

  • Value addition

As already hinted at, kitchen remodels do help to boost the price of a property. Those in real estate often find it easier to find buyers for properties with updated, spacious and attractive kitchens. It is also the top recommended renovation to add property value.

  • Cost savings

There are certain updates to a kitchen that can recoup the costs of a remodel in the medium and long run. With older homes, there can be the buildup of grime and dirt in hidden areas that can prove dangerous to human health. Renovation work that opens up these areas to be cleaned up can help prevent medical costs. There are also energy savings that can be gained by updating appliances and opting for LED light fixtures.

  • Boosts storage

Work such as adding cabinets, shelving and even an island can easily expand the amount of storage space in the kitchen. This can be a great selling point and offers an opportunity to change the look of the room. Kitchen plans that factor in extra storage space also reduces clutter, therefore making the kitchen a safer and easier space to utilize. Options like overhead hanging pot racks add storage space while making for a unique design feature.

  • Modernization

Updating a kitchen offers a great chance to bring the technology up to current standards of efficiency and safety. Even with older homes and buildings that have a classic aesthetic, there is no harm in updating the appliances as there are many design options and some that can be customized. Modern kitchen design ideas are also great for attracting buyers as the clean lines and open spaces encourage cooking and socializing.

Tips for Choosing A Home Contractor

Choosing a Kitchen and bathe contractor In choosing a contractor, the best place to start is with personal references. This means talking to family and friends who have had renovation work done, and finding out how they got along with their contractors. This is also ideal, as there is the opportunity to see the results of their work firsthand. The search can be widened further to include acquaintances, realtors or even other construction experts who know plenty about the business.

An online search can also be very helpful. There are many websites that can help narrow down kitchen remodeling Orange County contractors within a certain vicinity. Try sites like HomeAdvisor Pros, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and even Google reviews.

If there has been no chance to personally view the work done by a contractor under consideration, ask for a portfolio. They should provide a portfolio with contacts to the clients. Be sure to confirm some of the latest work, focusing on kitchen remodels.

When settling on a contractor, ensure that they are properly licensed and bonded. When the bid has been accepted, be sure to get the contract details in writing. Even for a small job, this is recommended to ensure work is done as per the agreed upon schedule, budget, and quality of workmanship.

Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Orange County Contractors

  1. Unique Coatings and Construction

Despite what their name may suggest this firm is known for more than just their painting abilities. Operating out of La Habra, the firm has grown over the past 12 years to become one of the top remodeling firms in Orange County. They provide a professional crew that is reputed to be courteous, timely and clean. Maximum respect is given to clients’ homes and possessions, with close monitoring of projects by the owner.

  1. Pure Home Remodeling, Inc.

Based out of Encino, this firm offers a wide range of services related to kitchen remodeling, including, replacement of countertops and backsplashes, kitchen cabinet refacing, plumbing works and electrical and lighting fixture installations. They are also specialists in home energy conservation with services ranging from solar installations to insulation upgrades. A great choice for anyone looking to cut down, or even eliminate, electricity costs.

  1. Hi-Tech Builders, Inc.

Having been in business for well over 20 years, the Hi-Tech Builders team is well known for top-notch home construction and remodeling work. They have come up with some of the best kitchen designs in the industry, with clients getting the opportunity to learn what is on offer through free consultations. They provide excellent workmanship on all projects and keep in regular contact with clients. Courteous and highly professional team members’ makes this firm a top pick for Orange County residents.

  1. K Yousefy

Specialists in kitchen remodeling, K Yousefy has carved out a respectable niche in the market. Although a smaller firm than others on this list, it stands out thanks to the excellent communication with clients and much-touted craftsmanship. The owner works with clients to create a customized kitchen plan that is rendered in 3D for a clearer concept of the end result. Majority of their business is through referrals and they offer job warranties.

  1. Cook Custom Construction

This firm offers a wide range of services including kitchen and bathroom remodels, major home repairs, handyman services, and disaster recovery services. Led by John Cook, this team of professionals is known for attention to detail and good communication with clients. Their business has flourished thanks to positive referrals making reference to their sticking to budgets and excellent workmanship.