Local Search

When customers search for the services you offer in your area, our strategies have been proven to attract local traffic to your website. For companies that have a local presence, they must optimize their brand names online to maintain a successful marketing campaign. New business opportunities can be a rarity in today’s economy, so small business owners must adapt to the marketing strategies being used today…even in their local areas!


Previously, small businesses could simply purchase ad space in the Yellow Pages to make their phones ring, or attract more foot traffic. As the online capacity for local listings continues to expand, taking advantage of this new opportunity is both exciting and challenging. Creactive Inc. implements Search Engine Optimization to highly boost your business’ ranking for local search results. Ultimately, we aim to place your company on a given local search map.

  Local Search Marketing Information


  • 74% of all online activity involves local searches
  • 81% of people searching locally follow up by calling or visiting your location
  • 68% of Americans use local search to find local companies
  • 78% of Americans now use online local search tools instead of Yellow Pages and business directories
  • 42% of internet searchers are seeking local merchants with intentions of purchasing online
  • 43% of consumers claim to include a location in their search – “Handyman in Huntington Beach”


The truth is that only a shocking 7% of small companies are satisfied with their online marketing!

If your business falls within the 93% majority, Creactive Inc will gladly assist you!

Google Places

Local Search Marketing


Formerly a section of Google maps, the new “Places” product has suddenly made its way to the front page of Google for most local search results. Those who fail to correctly reap its benefits will likely lose potentially new business opportunities to the competition. Google Places will remain the standard platform in local search optimization through many future years, as it utilizes data over both computer and mobile devices.

Yelp (one of many directory listings in which Creactive Inc. places you)


If your company is listed on Yelp, your business can advance quickly in regard to search engine optimization. When potential customers want to know more about your company, the services you offer, or how well previous clients have rated your business, they often visit Yelp.com. Even if a consumer searches for reviews through a different  search engine than Google, such as Bing or Yahoo!, Yelp could show on the first page, if another person has left a comment about your company. It’s a relative website to both your business and SEO.


Facebook Local Check-Ins

As Facebook has set up a tool for local companies to take advantage of social check-ins, it is crucial to boost your social presence, while also considering local optimization. Between all the various platforms for local based check-ins, Facebook currently has the highest potential for sharing socially with friends and business connections.

Local Optimization Cost Benefits:


  • New Opportunities for Business: Having visibility in Local Search welcomes new clients and helps to build brand awareness for your company.
  • Return On Investment – Acquiring one new client or profiting from a major sale would prove significant value in our services  
  • Most customers of Creactive Inc. pay for our services by gaining the loyalty of one new customer
  • Start being found where your clients are searching


Are you ready to  expand your business? Speak with one of our specialists today, so we may develop a customized plan that will meet your business needs and exceed your expectations.