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Affordable Local SEO Services For Small Businesses

local SEO servcies for Small Businesses

What Are Local SEO Services

Local SEO services include search engine optimization techniques that help elevate your business’s Google My Business page or Google maps listing to the top of Google Maps.

Most marketers refer to this area as the 3 pack. Basically one of the top 3 businesses shown in the Google maps for whatever keyword or keywords you were searching for. Regarding people searching online for a service, 76% of all the clicks go to the top 3 businesses in the Google maps section.

Creactive Inc. didn’t become one of the best SEO companies without understanding what it would mean to be showcased in the 3 pack for a small business. These Google rankings will usually lead to many new customers and phone calls every week. For many business owners, this can be a life-changing experience.

Word-of-mouth advertising will only go so far, top rankings will put your kids through college!  As one of the top SEO companies in the US for small businesses, we deliver these results daily for our current clients.

Understanding Local SEO Services and Their Importance

Local SEO services encompass search engine optimization strategies that aim to boost your business’s Google My Business page or Google Maps listing to the top of the search results.

This top position is often called the “3 pack,” which consists of the top three businesses displayed on Google Maps for the keywords you’re targeting. Research indicates that 76% of all clicks go to these top three businesses in the Google Maps section when users search for a service online.

Creactive Inc. has earned its reputation as one of the best small business SEO companies by recognizing the potential impact of being featured in the 3 pack for small enterprises.

In many cases, attaining these high Google rankings leads to numerous new customers and phone calls every week, proving to be a game-changer for many business owners.

While word-of-mouth advertising has its limits, top rankings can significantly contribute to your success. As a leading affordable local SEO company in the US for small businesses, we consistently deliver these results for our existing clients.


Collaborate with a Specialized Small Business SEO Company


At Creactive Inc., we primarily work with small, family-owned businesses or solopreneurs. Our goal is to act as your cost-effective marketing department, ensuring that our affordable SEO services fit your budget and yield a justifiable return on investment.

The first page of Google search results typically consists of three main sections for any given set of keywords. The first three and far-right results are usually AdWords Ads, which businesses pay for.

Directly below these paid ads is the Google Maps section, featuring the top seven businesses (A through G) for the entered keyword. The organic section lies below the Google Maps section, where high rankings are crucial for business growth.

Embrace the Power of Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services are a potent tool for business owners aiming to secure a spot among the top seven listings in their local area. Your local area isn’t always restricted by zip codes; a well-optimized Google page can be displayed across an entire city.

Acquiring eight to ten new clients locally can make a significant difference for many service-based businesses.

The local map section has rapidly become the most coveted spot for businesses like carpet cleaners, HVAC, general contractors, plumbers, and cleaning companies. These industries can experience a 100 to 500 percent increase in phone calls that convert to new customers by appearing in the top 10 on Google Maps.

Why Choose Creactive Inc.:

Our technical SEO expertise as an SEO agency makes us the go-to choice for businesses seeking affordable company SEO and search engine visibility.

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