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Need a Chimney Service Near Seattle?

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Chimney maintenance is often a forgotten task when it comes to looking after the home, but without proper maintenance on a regular basis, unwelcome problems can be the result.

Think about it this way: For every appliance in the home that heats, all the toxic gases escape through the chimney. A blocked or poorly-functioning chimney can be a real health hazard, not to mention potentially very messy.

More Than Just a Chimney Sweep

Since 1999 Chimney Plus Service has been looking after the Seattle region. They take immense pride in their work and love to ensure all Seattle residents they perform work for can enjoy the comfort and pleasures of warmth through the cold winter months. Safety along with comfort is the highest priority for this dedicated company.

Their range of chimney services includes:

As you can see they cover it all. Anything to do with chimneys and Chimney Plus Service has definitely got you covered.

Routine chimney maintenance is vital in preventing chimney fires, regardless of the fuel you are burning. Chimney obstruction can prove both a health hazard and dangerous, so call in the experts from Chimney Plus Service to make sure your chimney system is in optimum shape.

A thorough chimney sweep is just a part of the maintenance regime. Chimney Plus Service do more than just brush the chimney.


What tuckpointing involves is the removal of old mortar and replacing it with new. Over time the mortar between the bricks becomes worn, or is eroded away by water. When this happens the bricks start to soak up water, acting like a sponge. Failure to replace the worn or crumbling mortar can result in chimney water leaks, which can mean a major mess inside the home. Even the drywall can be affected.

Tuckpointing is an integral part of proper chimney maintenance and is not something that should be avoided.

Damper Repair

What the chimney damper does is prevent the spread of fire inside the duct work. It also pushes the cold air out of the home and lets out the smoke once a fire is lit. If the damper is not functioning correctly, then the fire will not warm the home effectively and there is the potential of toxic smoke build up.

Something you really don’t want to occur. If you notice any problems like mentioned above, don’t waste time or take chances. Get in touch with Chimney Plus Service immediately.

Crown Repair

A damaged crown on a chimney is not something to be taken lightly. When it rains, the crown is the part of the chimney that protects the actual chimney structure from getting wet, which can lead to erosion of the mortar between the bricks as well as allowing water to get down the chimney chute. Water damage in the chimney can also lead to water damage in the drywall of the home, leading to unsightly staining. A damaged chimney also becomes an unstable chimney, and this can prove to be dangerous over time.

Chimney Restoration

A dirty chimney is an eyesore and can really make the exterior of your home look like something in an industrial estate. Not the look you want. Chimney Plus Service are experts when it comes to chimney restoration and their pressure washing service will have your chimney looking brand new again.

For all your chimney needs, get in touch with the friendly and expert staff at Chimney Plus Service.

Servicing: Seattle, Washington. Phone today on: (206) 351-4063.

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