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Need Home Improvement Leads For Your Business, Here’s How

home improvement leads for small businesses

In order to get work in the service business, a need has to arise and a potential client must come across the firm through an online search or referral. Before the popularity of the internet and online marketing, referrals were the top means of growing a business. Now, however, home improvement leads are generated through online sites that provide an easier way for contractors and customers to connect.

These online sites are essentially a database of different kinds of contractors and what they specialize in. The profiles of these firms are usually further detailed to include information such as their location, licensing, projects they have worked on, and reviews from previous clients. A lead is generated when customers put up their projects and solicit bids.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides another way to secure customer attention. Having a good website means that a business has its own platform to market itself, with the only challenge being becoming discoverable.


Hiring a firm that specializes in SEO for Contractors and social media marketing can be the solution for small businesses. In making the right choice of Google Adwords, they can build up content that directly links businesses to customers through direct search results.


Whether it is SEO for plumbers or SEO for roofing contractors, even small businesses can establish a strong online presence with the right help.

As a contractor works on building their brand online, it is important to note what attracts customer attention and drives them to engage the services of a contractor. Many of the characteristics that will appeal to a potential client are what the site will use to promote ranking.

What Property Owners Look For In a Contractor

This is especially important for potential clients that know little about the contracting business. They will rely heavily on word of mouth and online reviews to get to know a contractor before even hiring them. It is from others’ impressions that these clients are trying to figure out if they will get the quality of work they want, at a fair rate, and in a conducive manner. A contractor can also build a reputation by putting up online content that displays their level of expertise and talent.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is guaranteed when what they visualized for their property is brought to life. A good contractor knows how to manage customer expectations when there is a need to compromise due to budget, availability of materials, infrastructure, and other considerations. With good communication, most people will accept advice and adjust their outlook accordingly. The better the quality of work that is done, and the longer lasting it is, the better an impression that will be made.

Cost is a big factor but does not mean that a high quote will mean losing out on a project. Most people can understand that depending on the type of project, the materials and expertise to be used and the period, costs can vary greatly. What clients are looking for is fairness and honesty when estimates are drawn up. Contractors should be willing and open to answering questions on every itemized cost so clients know exactly where their money is going.

How the contractor and team conduct themselves is very important. Attitude alone can sink a review even if the resulting work was spot on. Keeping clear channels of communication, respecting clients’ property, cleanliness, timeliness, and friendliness can go a long way in ensuring the project runs smoothly.

From a desire to understand a quotation to complaints about dirtiness at the site, there will often be a reason the client wants to talk. Being responsive to client queries and regularly updating them on progress will help put them at ease.

Top Five Ways To Get Home Improvement Leads For Your Business

  1. Creactive, Inc

Creactive is an excellent starting point for any business looking to boost their online presence and ranking. Through a focus on brand building, SEO and Google Ads marketing, we help businesses build an online presence to rival their competitors and grip the interest of clients. They do the work of cultivating local SEO to help smaller businesses attract more attention in their area and turn this into paying work opportunities.

  1. HomeAdvisor

When looking at ‘how does HomeAdvisor work’, it is clear that a platform is a good place to directly connect contractors to potential clients. Anyone can find companies of varied expertise in their area and request for bids on their project. These are the home improvement leads that can be converted to paying jobs should the client accept a contractors’ bid. Contractors using the site pay per lead, and with so many contractors receiving the same lead, it means that for the overall majority, it is a waste.

  1. Angie’s List

This site works in much the same way as HomeAdvisor by providing a platform where contractors and prospective clients can meet and exchange information that hopefully leads to a paying job. When comparing Angie’s List vs HomeAdvisor, both services are free for the customers. Contractors, however, pay for a membership, and the privilege of receiving a certain number of leads per month. They can also pay to have their ranking boosted.

  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack works differently by allowing homeowners put up their jobs and contractors to browse and pick the ones they will bid for. In order to allow the contractor and client to communicate, the contractor must purchase credits. In comparing Thumbtack vs HomeAdvisor, both do tend to dig into the resources of contractors, often without securing them a job. HomeAdvisor does, however, make more of an effort to carry out background checks on contractors.

  1. Houzz

This has become an increasingly popular site for home renovation in recent years. Contractors can create elaborate profiles detailing what they have to offer, and pay to advertise their presence above organic results. In looking at Houzz vs HomeAdvisor, there is clearly some bias when it comes to reviews. Houzz has strict guidelines that favor just positive reviews, while HomeAdvisor allows all feedback to put on display.

Homeadvisor vs Angie’s List vs Thumbtack vs Houzz vs Creactive Inc

The major challenge of using these lead-generating sites is that they are highly competitive. Some of the sites have been around for many years, with databases containing the details of thousands of contractors.

Getting a leg up on competitors can be very difficult when a business is nowhere near being ranked at the top, and lack the funds to keep paying them for this promotion.

While trying to build a presence here is acceptable, doing so on a personal website is even better.


Many property owners are opting to use direct search results from search engines like Google to identify prospective contractors.


They do not have to sign up afresh for an account, nor worry about their information being sold as leads. It is simple and direct, with even a map pinpointing exactly where to find the contractor.

Building a business brand online also makes better sense thanks to the fairer playing field. .


There is no competing or having to pay for leads. Simply focusing on organically boosting rank by utilizing the expertise of a provider like Creactive that understands how search engines can make a business more visible and ultimately profitable.

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