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Plumber near me vs Plumbers near me, Googled How Many Times?

Plumber near me vs Plumbers near me

Plumber near me vs Plumbers near me, which keyword phrase yields the best results for a plumbing company? 


You wouldn’t think that making a word singular vs plural would make that much difference in Google search.


Well, it does! Plumber near me, Googled 550,000 times a month, vs Plumbers near me, 368,000 according to SEMRUSH.


Need a Local Plumber, Google Plumber near me


When searching for a local business Google uses several different factors to determine which company will best represent your search query.


This is why when you search for a service online, in most cases the business listed will be near or in your local area. 

Five Things You Can Call Homeadvisor Plumbers For

Wouldn’t make sense for you to call a Plumber in San Antonio if you live in Dallas, would it? 


How do lead generation companies do it? 


For many contractors, using a lead generation company such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, or Thumbtack is the only way you are getting leads from the internet.


In the fine art of making money online, Google has given these lead companies top listings in the organic search section under the Google Maps Section. 


This helps to force local businesses to have to use Google Adwords or other paid advertising to drive potential customers to their website or to call them. 


Not only can a small business compete, but you can also beat these lead companies. 


This is not the time to throw in the towel! Lead generation companies can’t own Google maps or the local map section. 


For most small businesses, their calls or leads come from their Google My Business account or Google Maps listing. 

Optimizing your Google Maps listing is more important than just about any other form of marketing out there today.


Google Maps is free. Once you are ranking and getting calls, there are no charges, not for clicks, not for calls, no charges.


Google My Business is where the money is at


Getting your business elevated into what Google marketers call the 3 pack is where your business changes permanently.


75.1% of all online searchers choose one of the top 3 results! If your company is located lower on the search results, the less likely you are to get leads or phone calls.


So, optimizing your Google Business listing will yield tangible results for years to come.


How can an SEO company help? 


“SEO” formally known as search engine optimization is the art and science of optimizing a company’s listings, website, social media, and Google My Business profile to achieve better search engine rankings.


By investing with the right SEO company you can generate your own leads, and cut out the middleman, which in this case are lead companies such as HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack. 

What does good Plumber SEO look like after a year? 


Here is a link to one of our customer’s reports, they have been working with us for about a year. 


Plumber SEO Report


Full disclosure, Texas is currently in a  deep freeze at the time of this post, so 174 phone calls could be due to everything is frozen solid! 


Keep in mind, for many of you reading this if you are a plumber, you might not be getting any calls from people searching for a plumber near me! 

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