The pool or spa area is where you can relax and rejuvenate after a long day. A session of swimming is always a good way to exercise as well. At Lynn’s Repairs, we are experts in repairing spas and pools. We work to keep your pool and spa in top notch condition. You can contact us for all of your pool maintenance needs and be certain you will always have a clean pool. We are your go-to guys for any pool or spa repairs if you are in Dare County, or  Corolla, NC, and the adjacent areas.

Pool and spa repair includes pool equipment, such as covers and more. You need to ensure every aspect of your pool stays in good condition.


Pool and Spa Equipment Repair You Can Trust at an Affordable Price

Pool and spa equipment requires close attention including heaters, filters and pumps. These are the core systems of your pool or spa. Pool heaters can be either electric or gas. The heat is then distributed over the pool or spa by heat pumps. These pool systems are quite prone to breakdown, due to the dynamics of a pool or spa.

Pool filters ensure the water that is coming into the pool or spa is clean. There are three types of pool filters. They are:

  • Cartridge filter
  • Sand filter
  • Diatomaceous filter

All these filters need periodic cleaning to ensure the pool stays in perfect condition.

We are the best in pool and spa equipment maintenance agency in Corolla, NC. You can call us if you have any concerns with the systems of your pool. Our professionals come and diagnose the problem, and offer the best solution possible.

Pool Outer Shell and Cover Maintenance: Holistic Pool Treatment to Ensure Your Pool Stays in Top-Notch Condition for Years to Come

Outer shell and pool cover maintenance is important. The outer shell of your pool is mainly about aesthetics. The cover ensures no dirt falls into the pool while you are not using it. Pool covers are a great way to secure your pool. They need maintenance as well.


We will deal will all the outer pool issues that might be there. We will revamp your pool and equip it with a proper pool cover to ensure it stays perfect for longer. Clean pools look attractive to the eye, even for someone who is not interested in swimming.

Professional pool maintenance services are quite essential. For instance, underwater leak detection is only possible if there is periodic maintenance of the pool. The pool might continue losing water to the ground, which is not so good when everyone is trying to conserve water.

At Lynn’s Repairs, we have set ourselves a cut above the rest by providing the best pool and spa repair and maintenance services for the last 25 years. We have immense experience in pool and spa matters, and we will ensure your pool or spa works at its optimal condition.

Check out our reviews on Homeadvisor and Yelp if you need more testimonials. We have satisfactorily served many others for over two decades. Trust us to make the pool or spa your favorite spot in your home!

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