When you’re ready to start a painting project for your home, it’s essential to have a plan. Whether you’re painting the indoors or outdoors of your home, there are a few things to consider.

For example, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies, or if you are outsourcing the work, you hire the right contractor.

Once you have all of that taken care of, it’s time to start thinking about painting ideas for your property. Don’t fret if you’re confused about where you should start. We’ve got you covered with some great paint ideas for both the inside and outside your home.

Interior Painting Ideas

Bedroom with brown ceiling and black walls

Paint your ceiling a bright color

Painting your ceiling is a great option if you want to add personality to your home decor. Any color of your choice is okay, but we recommend choosing a light color; it will make your room feel more open and even larger

Try a bold color for your ceiling

Yellow ceiling

Of course, this contradicts the first point, but it also works perfectly for smaller rooms or for those who want to make a design statement and add some personality to the room.

A dark color on your ceiling will help to create a cozy and intimate feeling in your room. It also helps to bring some drama to a rather dull space.

How about painting your floors?

If you’re looking for a way to change the look of your home, painting your floors is a great option. You choose any color you want, but a lighter shade will work best. This will help to make your room feel larger and more open.

Plus, it’s a great way to add some personality to your space. This usually works best in bathroom or kitchen areas because those are the areas where you’re likely to have tile or linoleum floors, which are easy to paint.

Use stencils

Putting stencils on the floor

Stencils are a great way to add interest to your walls without painting a whole mural. You can find stencils at most craft stores, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Choose the stencil you prefer, and then paint it over with your chosen color. This is a great way to add a little bit of whimsy to your space.

Create a visual trick with ombre paint colors on your stairwell

Ombre is a painting technique that uses two or more colors, with the colors gradually getting lighter or darker as they go up the stairs. This idea creates a visual trick, making the stairs appear longer or shorter depending on the colors used.

Paint an Accent Wall

Multi-colored patterned feature wall

An accent wall is simply one wall in a room that you paint a different color than the other walls. It can help to make a space pop and can be used to highlight certain features in a room.

Add layers of color in a range of tones.

Tonal colors are colors that are similar in hue but have different values. This means that they will appear the same color, but one will be lighter than the other. Tonal colors can help to add depth and interest to a space. To use tonal colors in your home, consider painting your walls one color and your ceiling another color.

Use color to highlight architectural features

If you have any architectural features in your home that you want to highlight, consider using color. For example, if you have crown molding, you could paint it a different color than the rest of your walls.

Broaden your room with horizontal stripes

Striped wall

Stripes are perfect in adding visual interest to a space. They can also help to make a room look more comprehensive and extended. If you want to make your room look bigger, painting horizontal stripes is a great option.

Paint your walls in a dark color

This idea sounds pretty unconventional, but if you want to make your space feel cozy and inviting, consider painting your walls in a dark color.

It is a great way to add some warmth to a room, but be sure not to go too dark, or you may make your space feel small and cramped. This idea is ideal and will work better for a more large room.

Mix patterns and texture

Neautral walpaper

If you want to make your space pop, consider mixing patterns and textures to add some visual interest to your space. But ensure you don’t go overboard, or your room may feel overwhelming.

Wallpapers are also perfect for adding texture. You can also consider using different paint finishes to create contrast. For example, you could use a high-gloss finish on one wall and a matte finish on another.

Outdoor Painting Ideas

Try out faux patterns

What are faux patterns?

Painting a pattern on the ground

Faux patterns are simply patterns that are painted on to look like they’re real. For example, you could paint a faux brick wall or faux wood paneling. This will give your home’s exterior a unique look while keeping it low-maintenance.

Paint Your Front Porch

If you have a front porch, painting it is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Go with a color that compliments your home’s exterior and paint your front porch for an updated look.

Brown and warm neutrals are an exciting combination

If you want a warm and inviting outdoors, consider painting it in brown and warm neutral, for instance, beige, cream, or tan. This is a genius way to bring a cozy and inviting vibe to space.

Blue and cool neutrals

This painting idea is pretty conventional but timeless as well. If you want to make your outdoor space feel calm and refreshing, consider painting it in blue or a cool neutral.

This will add some personality to your area without going overboard. Just be sure not to go too cool, or your space may seem whitewashed.

Use color to highlight certain features

Consider using color if you have architectural components that you want to stand out. For example, if you have a column on your porch, consider painting it a different color than the rest of your patio. It will stand out and add some interest to your space.

Paint your garage door

If you have a garage, consider painting the door to add curb appeal to your home. Go with a color that compliments your home’s exterior and paint your garage door for an updated look.

Use light colors to make your space feel airy and spacious. If you want to give your outdoors an airy and spacious feel, consider painting it in a light color.

There are more and more painting ideas that will make your home turn heads, and we could go on and on.

Painting is not very complicated and could pass as a DIY task. But, if you have no skills and want flawless results, trusting a professional with the work will be an ideal choice. Besides, a professional will further advise on other painting ideas.

Our Choice of The Best Painting Contractors in Gig Harbor, WA, and the Surrounding Areas

#1. Royal Painting

Royal Painting is a fully licensed and insured company located in Gig Harbor, WA, and serving Canterwood, Rosedale, Artondale, Forest Beach, Wollochet, Fox Island, and Gig Harbor, WA.

Having been in the industry for 25+ years, this company has mastered how to make a client happy. It finds a massive reward in customer satisfaction, so it always goes above and beyond to hit the specific client requirements.

Royal Painting holds three principles closely: organization, flexibility, and unwavering efficiency, and these have helped them to gain customer loyalty.

But it’s not just their values and the closely-knit team that makes them stand out; they are also pretty efficient in their work.

They consistently use high-quality paints from reputable brands to give exceptional results all the time. Their well-trained experts will also not shy away from advising you on suitable options, but you will have the last say at the end of it all.

So, if you’re looking for a company with experience coupled with great customer service and quality delivery, Royal Painting is the company to trust for your property painting.

You can get the following services and more from them:

  • Residential interior and exterior painting
  • Ceilings and texturing
  • Interior staining and exterior staining
  • Deck staining and waterproofing
  • Fence staining and waterproofing
  • Floor epoxy
  • Cabinet and wall coating
  • Epoxy coating
  • Polyurethane finishes
  • Commercial painting
  • And more

Call them at (253) 312-6274 or visit their website to request an appointment today.

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