When it comes to fixing generators, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your company will have reliable service.

Now, deciding on the best generator repair company in Austin, TX, is challenging, with many options.

But who stands above the rest?

This article will cover the most trusted and highly recommended technicians in Austin, TX, and share some valuable tips about generators and finding the perfect expert for your needs.

That said, let’s understand generators a bit more before getting into who offers the best generator repair Austin, TX.

What is a Generator System?

standby generator

A generator system provides a way to make electricity when you have no other source, making it essential for homes, businesses, resorts, and hospitals.

With a generator system, you do not need to rely on the power company or other sources if you have this system.

A power generator converts mechanical energy sources (such as gasoline engines, diesel, or other power sources) into electrical energy. Generators require a continuous source of energy to operate.

Types of Generators

There are three main types of generators: standby, portable, and inverter generators.

Standby generators

standby generator1

Standby generators are cost-effective and reliable. They are designed to protect homes and businesses in the event of a loss of power.

Standby generators are usually large and powerful and produce enough electricity to power an entire home or business facility, and they are often permanently installed.

The generators work automatically; they pick up instantly after a blackout happens without any manual operation. As a result, they require minimal monitoring.

A standby generator is best for buildings offering essential services like hospitals and media houses, where a split-second power outage can significantly impact.

They are also frequent in schools, industries, government buildings, and hotels. They are also perfect for construction sites.

They use liquid propane, natural gas, diesel fuel, or hybrid.

Portable generators

portable generator

Portable generators are smaller than standby and come in different shapes and sizes.

They are most common in large buildings like hotels, restaurants, schools, and hospitals and can be easily moved between different locations.

Portable generators are usually equipped with a long power cord connected to the socket you want the electricity supplied.

This backup generator is often for a temporary power supply that lasts for a short time.

They mostly use gasoline. However, a few can be hybrid or use natural gas or liquid propane.

Inverter generators

Inverter generator

This generator steadily produces electricity and powers specific machines and equipment.

Like other generators, it is powered by burning fuel (gasoline almost all the time) but has a unique electric motor that produces electricity much more efficiently than traditional generators.

An inverter generator is much smaller than a portable generator and is perfect for remote locations, camping, and boating.

The Best Austin Generator Service Professionals

generator services

So, who’s the best generator repair company for you in Austin, TX? That depends on a few different factors.


If you’re looking for a local source of generator repair services in Austin, TX, there are plenty of options to choose from – and the best is listed below. You can’t go wrong with them.


Looking at past customers and reviews is an excellent place to start when it comes to any business.

If you don’t have anything to go by, try asking friends, family, and co-workers if they’ve used that service provider before and what kind of experience they had with them.


You want to be sure that your chosen company has a good reputation for professionalism and reliability.

These are two critical factors to consider in any business or service, but this goes double for generators and generator repair services because so much can go wrong with them.


Licensed people are trustworthy and can get the job done right. Also, you want to make sure that they’re insured too.

You’ll be paying a lot of money to have someone come out and fix your generator, so you want to ensure it gets fixed properly.


When you hire a contractor, they will work on your generator for a long time.

You need to ensure that they have good coverage in place so that if anything goes wrong with your machine, they have the money to fix whatever damage may have occurred.

The insurance should also cover employees so that you do not become liable if any injury occurs.


They should also be able to communicate clearly. You want to ensure you understand your technician’s words because they will explain tips, solutions, and more.

They should also be able to provide details about their past experiences and give you a list of references.

Ease of Use

The best generator repair company in Austin, TX, should be easy to work with, easy to contact, and easy to understand – all things a person will experience when dealing with a new business.


If your budget is tight, you want to ensure the price is right, where you can pay a fair price and still get good quality service.

But remember, the price is not the only determinant, do not cross the thin line between affordability and cheapness.

Also, it is not always that replacing a generator will cost more than repairing one – it all depends on the state of your generator.

A professional generator technician will inspect and advise on a cost-effective solution.

Repair vs. Replacement

You’ll need to decide whether you want a repair or replacement service. Many generators require quite a bit of work to repair and might require replacing at some point, which is why it’s better to look for a company that offers both.

All this said, there are plenty of great companies in Austin, TX, with an excellent track record and plenty of satisfied clients who would love to continue using them.

If you’re still unsure who the best generator repair company in Austin, TX is for you, then don’t worry – we’ve already done the research and come up with the best company with which most homeowners and business owners have had the best experience.

Who is the Best Generator Repair Company in Austin, TX?

Waterloo Power

Waterloo Power is not just the best generator repair company in Austin, TX, but also the best in terms of reputation and reliability.

They’ve got an excellent reputation for doing quality work, and their name is well-known by many people in Austin, TX, most of whom are repeat customers.

There are over twenty 5-star verified reviews on their site from people who have used them and have nothing negative to say about them – which only shows how serious they take customer satisfaction.

Some of their customer reviews are below:

“Waywrloo came recommended by a well-respected retired technician. Very professional, and I would recommend.”

“This is a great company; not only do they take care of your generator needs, but their customer service is fantastic. Mario came out and answered all my concerns; I will definitely recommend Waterloo power.”

“With the recent storms, we had a power outage. But thanks to Mario, who came to the rescue, we avoided a loss that could have cost us hundreds of dollars in dairy products. Highly recommend him. Mario, you’re the bomb!!!”

They offer repairs and replacements, which helps save you money in the long run. They are also fully insured and licensed, which is great for peace of mind.

The best part is that they specialize in generator services and nothing else, meaning their minds and skills are solely focused on that.

This helps you get the best shot at efficient backup power services from a company that knows what to do and when.

Their primary services include:

This company is ideal for you if you’re looking for technicians to get the job done right. It is the best option to have your generator installed the right way.

They offer a free estimate, which is always appreciated by customers and gives them more confidence when taking their generator to them.

Above all else, they have shown themselves to be trustworthy and professional in their work. The technicians do what they say they will and do it well, which is one of the most important things to look for in any company.

And their prices are incredibly reasonable. They beat out the competition and provide a service that’s better than most other companies out there.

If you want to hire a reputable generator repair company in Austin, TX, you won’t go wrong with Waterloo Power.

The company serves:

  • Austin, TX
  • Kyle, TX
  • Travis County, TX
  • Central Texas

You’re in great hands should you choose to deal with the best generator repair company in Austin, TX.

Check out their website to see more of their services.

Also, contact them at 512-763-5994 or fill in their contact form to get a free quote on your preferred services.

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