Every business owner wants to know the secrets to Ranking their Google Local page. This would be in Google’s Map Section. We use five main factors:

– Less is more, in the about us section, Google wants 200 Characters or less including spaces!

– Choose your categories properly and make sure they are relevant to your services! 

– Posting only relevant content with pictures.

– Making sure your profile is complete with pictures and a website.

– “DO NOT HAVE DUPLICATE PAGES” This has become a very big issue, every time you work with a new SEO/Marketing company a lot of them do not know how to take over your existing page from the old company you were working with. They create a new one and the old one is just sitting out there stopping you from getting top rankings!


Google takes in account all your information on the internet when ranking companies. Making sure your business info is accurate and up to date can make the difference between winning and losing those top spots for industry.

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