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Remodeling Ideas for Kitchens and Bathrooms: Make the Dream Happen

Do you plan on renovating your bathroom or kitchen?

Maybe you saw an Instagram photo of what looks like your dream kitchen, you desire a more functional space to prepare food, or perhaps you want a bathroom that is more than just a bathing room, but a serene spot to unwind after a long hectic day.


Whatever reason you have, don’t be scared of tackling a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Sure, kitchens and bathrooms are the two most expensive renovation projects.

Moreover, they are the two most essential rooms in a home that can increase break or lower your home resale value. A buyer would focus on these two areas; that is why they also need to look their best, hence the high remodeling costs.

So, if you have budgeted well for the kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it’s a sure bet that the remodel will payback.

To make the most out of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling, borrow these ideas to make your home stand out:

Kitchen remodeling ideas

A kitchen renovation will go a long way; even if you’re not remodeling to sell, reinvigorating this space will ensure your kitchen remains updated, fresh, and still the heart of your family.

You can do a complete makeover or make small changes if you’re looking for something fresh that will not drain your pocket. Either way, here are some ideas that will give you a picture to work with:

Update the backsplash

One flip side of kitchen remodels is that the whole idea can be blurry. Knowing how to incorporate fun, safe, and perhaps trendy and timeless design ideas can be a difficult task.

One way to start a kitchen remodel on the easier ground is by first updating the backsplash, which often makes such a huge impact.

The backsplash is like the perfect middle ground to bring all other elements together, it has so much versatility, and it’s not easy to go wrong.

You can consider a full-on backsplash redo by switching up the current material and design of the backsplash, or if you’re trying to save on time and cost, you can redo your kitchen backsplash without actually tearing it out by either:

Take down the walls and splurge on an open floor plan

This is a current trend that is not going out of style soon. Many homeowners are going for less complicated “undefined” kitchens that allow for entertainment, eating, doing office work and homework, or just a chilling spot.

The open plan concept allows all that and makes the kitchen and the entire living space airy.

The open plan concept is also stylish and beautiful.

So, if your kitchen is enclosed, you might want to consider opening it up.

Color for kitchen palette

As the kitchen becomes the hub of most homes, the all-white kitchens are slowly losing their beauty. Colors such as light blues, greens, a more neutral feel, grays, and creamier shades are now seen across many homes.

Homeowners are finally embracing colors in cabinetry and even in the kitchen ranges.

So, if you need a fresh new look, refacing your kitchen cabinetry with cabinets of color or simply painting the cabinets will give you the required update.

Focus on New Flooring

New floors are not cheap, plus they are time-consuming, but for a new life in your kitchen, relaying new kitchen floors is one of the improvements you can’t miss out on.

Lucky for you, you have a variety of kitchen flooring. The most preferred is hardwood flooring. And with that also comes a variety to choose from to match your kitchen’s aesthetic and function, from oak to walnut, cherry to hickory, and much more; you simply can’t go wrong.

Open up the space with a kitchen island

A kitchen island is a great focal point and makes the kitchen space appear spacious and airy; not to forget, it can serve as an extra seating area. You can customize it to feature extra storage space and even an electrical outlet cooktop.

Be creative with lighting

Kitchen lights are not just for convenience purposes but also a way to be creative. You can mix and match different light fixtures in other kitchen spots.

You can give your kitchen island a wow factor with pendant lights, create ambiance with a new edge track light, and LED Ceiling lights for cost-effective task lighting.

Splurge on new countertops

Like the backsplash, countertops also get frequent abuse. So, you may also want to consider switching up the countertops for your remodel.

Marble countertops, for one, are a godsend, especially for those looking for a detour from the bold granite countertops.

If you’re sticking to white cabinetry, a good contrast would be splurging on the boldness of granite countertops.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathrooms are also a favorite remodeling project homeowners take on nowadays. They are also generally smaller than the kitchen, making their renovation faster and easier to do.

However, they are also still costly, and sometimes you may need to think out of the box to achieve a better but economic outcome.

Here are a few ideas to help renovate the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Consider lower costs but look-alike materials

If you must swap out some of the materials in your bathroom, like the countertops, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are available in marble options. They can fool the eye for a minute while still giving you the authentic look of marble.

Give your cabinets a new look with new hardware

Switching out the hardware pieces for fun newer ones will make your kitchen cabinets appear fresh and new. It’s also affordable compared to refacing the cabinets.

You can also make your sink sparkle without actually replacing it by simply switching the faucets.

Include a window in the shower for ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most important things you need to take care of to prevent mold and mildew problems.’

A bathroom fan is a good idea. It helps draw out moisture and odor while improving the bathroom’s air quality. But it can add to your costs.

On the other hand, a shower window will help draw out humidity while allowing in natural light.

However, if you have the money for a fan, then why not? It’s a worthy investment.

Make the most of lighting

Adding up to your current lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you allow more natural light.

You can also create a good ambiance for your bathroom for those leisure nights by incorporating dimmer lights.

Also, consider doing recessed lighting around the mirror for your make-up and dress up.

What’s more, good and proper bathroom lighting is safe.

Make the tub optional

It’s understandable; bathtubs are a trend. However, they are not a necessity, especially if you don’t take baths.

So, instead of a bathtub, make your shower as luxurious as they come.

Be wise when choosing accessories

To create a cohesive look, you want to make sure your finishing touches are on point, and they all go together. Let the metallic pieces coordinate with the faucets, the towel bars, cabinetry hardware, etc.

Also, ensure you don’t clutter your bathroom with too many accessories.

Add plants

For some living colors, plants in the bathroom are a great idea.

Hopefully you find some inspiration here to take the step of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. So, don’t just dream about a fantasy bath or kitchen; make it real with these ideas.

However, you don’t just want to go in blindly. Here are a few factors to keep in mind for a successful remodel.

Tips for a successful remodel:

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