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Safe, Effective And Humane Commercial Wildlife Control In Raleigh, NC

Bat Control and Bat exclusion

bird netting and wildlife removal Wild animal disruption at retail outlets, restaurants, office buildings or warehouses can quickly escalate and get out of hand. An incident recently occurred where a pair of raccoons visited a restaurant and started stealing food off people’s plates, they also landed on the counter and started stealing and flinging food everywhere. The animals created quite a havoc but thanks to commercial wildlife control specialists in the area who came in quickly, the pranksters were caught immediately and released into the woods.

Several commercial wildlife control and removal companies do not use humane methods of capturing and releasing animals, which further causes a myriad of problems for property owners and the animals themselves. When an animal is captured or removed, it should be released into a habitable environment to survive, and most importantly, animals should not be hurt or killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Property owners should be sensitive enough to choose wildlife removal services that genuinely provide humane, safe and effective animal removal techniques and methods.


Tired of Wildlife Disturbances In or Around Your Business or Commercial Property Near Raleigh?


Integrated Wildlife Management is the go-to company for all your commercial wildlife control and removal needs. They have more than four decades of combined experience in commercial wildlife control, wildlife removal, bat exclusion, animal waste cleanup and all things wildlife control related. They only offer humane animal exclusion and removal with long-lasting solutions. They DO NOT remove pet animals of any kind, they are also very strict about that, so if you need someone to remove domesticated animals, they are absolutely a no go.


As a humane wildlife control company, they specialize in safe trapping methods, effective removal techniques, and complete animal exclusion and prevention services for all commercial properties.

Animal exclusion and prevention is indubitably important, without this the animals will come back in a few weeks or months. Animals are smart, they like to go back to familiar places, especially if they are habitable. Hiring a professional to safeguard your commercial premise is an unequivocal benefit for your business.


Proven Effective Approaches in Animal Exclusion and Removal


Environmentally responsible methods to remove and exclude animals from your properties include bat valves, bird netting installation, shock tracks, bird spikes, bird wire, mist netting, trapping, bird decoys/effigies and much more.

Commercial wildlife control in Raleigh, NC has never been easier with Integrated Wildlife Management, they’re at your beck and call for all wildlife removal, prevention and exclusion services required.


Commercial wildlife control services they master in, and related services they undertake :

Bat Exclusion :

Pigeon and Bird Control :


Animal Waste Cleanup and Wildlife Removal :


Keep the pests at bay where they belong, so you can run your business with ease and not have to worry about animals running around your workspaces, basements, parking areas or garages.

Call the experts at Integrated Wildlife Management today and put an end to the animal menace once in for all.

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