Everytime you turn on the news or read a news alert on your cell phone, another major corporation’s website with extremely important information has been hacked.

Just about everyone has heard about the Equifax hacking where 149 million consumer records were in the hands of criminals!

WordPress 5.2 update

Most recently the SEC apparently has been hacked as well, giving criminals extremely valuable information on some of the largest corporations in the world.

Both the SEC and Equifax have safeguards for these types of intrusions.

They invest millions of dollars each year on cyber security in hopes of preventing this type of threat- but it still happens!

Wordpress Web Design Near Huntington Beach

The truth of the matter is, cybercriminals are at work 24-hours a day, 7 days a week looking for any hole in a website’s armor in hopes of making penetration and causing havoc or stealing information.

WordPress Websites are More Vulnerable to Hacking

As a small business, we don’t necessarily have to worry about a cyber attack like many big corporations do, but criminals are out there trying to hijack your website. No bull. I am sure there are a few small business owners reading this now who have had a problem with their website being hacked and hijacked then redirected to phishing or malware websites.


Almost 30,000 websites are hacked daily, and these hackers insert malicious code that redirects your website traffic to phishing or malware websites. If this happens to you and you are unaware, your website can get blacklisted by Google very quickly.  

WordPress Website Platform

What You Need to Know About Your WordPress Website

Here is what you need to know about having a WordPress website for your business. As a web design and SEO company, we love WordPress. They are by far the best platform out there for getting a business exposure and good rankings on Google. Lets face it, Google is 78% of the online search market, so this is important.


There are four main points of entry for these cyber punks when it comes to WordPress:

  • 41% through the hosting platform
  • 29% through an unsecure theme
  • 22% through an plugin vulnerability
  • 8%   through weak passwords


A lot of people build a website, then forget about it. This is a problem. WordPress websites need to be updated every month , developers put out security updates as needed, if you are asleep at the wheel and don’t update your site or the plugins, you could get hacked! Also, If you are thinking about installing a plugin that has not been updated recently or on a regular basis, think again before installing it.

How to Protect Your Website From Would-Be Cyber Hackers

I’ll be honest, if a good hacker wants into your site, they will get it. The last few weeks have really shown a website’s vulnerability. For us small businesses, it is a bit more simple and there are tools available at our disposal.  

  1. Hosting your WP website on a good hosting platform- This is extremely important, and I can tell you from experience, Godaddy is not a good idea if you are using WordPress.
  2. Us a real password- My advice, try ROBOform. This is a great tool and it will generate a complex password that is difficult to break and this tool will keep all your account passwords safe for you all the while you can just use one master password to access everything in one place. A very powerful tool for keeping your information safe.
  3. Install a security plugin, like Wordfence, BulletProof Security, or Securi Security. These are all great plugins with many features to help protect your website.

The people going after small businesses like us are only looking for low hanging fruit. If it is going to take a lot of work, it won’t be worth their time or effort. So by protecting yourself with basic tools you can save you a whole bunch of time and headaches!

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