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Those of us that are marketers and know search engine optimization aka “SEO” understand that there are keywords that drive traffic and then there are keywords that drive sales. One might argue that the more traffic you get, the more leads.

This partially right, the higher numbers in most cases will lead to more leads as long as the traffic is coming in via relevant keywords or other marketing channels. I can tell you that I can drive traffic via Pinterest to my money sites, these are not buyers, but I hope they click on my Adsense ads!

SEO Top Companies vs Top SEO Companies

Here are two big keywords for marketing companies that can offer bragging rights as well as a lot of organic traffic. According to, there are a total of 1600 monthly searches for the keyword SEO Top companies on Google and 720 monthly searches for Top SEO Companies.


In most cases, if you if you are ranking for one of these keywords in the top 10 you are most likely ranking for for the other in the top 10 since they are very similar. One website will rank higher for one then the other just depending on relevance and website metrics like trust flo “TF”, citation flo CF, and domain authority, DA.  


Who IS Ranking For These Valuable Keywords and Why?

Top SEO Companies: 720 Average monthly searches on Google and here is a list of the top three:




SEO Top Companies: 1600 Average monthly searches on Google and here is a list of the top three:




As I mentioned both of these keywords are very similar and so are the results with ranking #1 for both.  One advantage that Topseos is they have two of the keywords in their domain name, Top, SEO. Also and big factor are backlinks and all the rest of the website metrics that we can talk about later!


The Big Question, Who Are These Guys

Well, for the most part, most of these sites are lead generation companies that marketing companies will pay to be ranked on and get exposure for these top keywords that they are unable to achieve through their own search engine optimization efforts.


I am not saying that they are not good marketing companies, I am saying that top 50 SEO companies and top SEO companies websites that list other SEO or marketing companies are charging an arm and a leg for those companies to be displayed on their lists. In most cases, #1 spot is paying 2K to 5K per month to have their company rated as the #1 SEO Company!


Yep, You’ve Been Dupped Again


That’s right, by searching one of these keywords as a small business owner looking for a good SEO marketing company to grow your online presence, you land on one of these websites, then reach out to one of the top 3 companies listed, there is a chance that they could be not that good at all!


As a small business looking for SEO services this can be a problem. You want results, and in many cases you never get results because you have been misled to believe that the company you are working with is better than they really are…


So Why Am I Writing About This

Well, to be honest, I want my website to rank for these keywords. I want our company to come up in the top 5 for the keywords we are discussing and this is just my first step in getting there! I do all the SEO for our clients and when I have a chance I work on my companies search engine rankings as well.


I can tell you one thing, I do not get much time to work on our rankings, so this is a treat! Now do I think I will be top 5 tomorrow? No, absolutely not, but I started today and in the near future I our website will be top 10, then a little later top 5. Keep checking, slow and steady wins the race, especially when it comes to search engine optimization!


For more information on getting top rankings reach out to me, Ryan Goering, founder and managing partner at Creactive!

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