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SMM “Social Media Marketing” What it an mean for your Business

At Creactive Inc. we are specialists when it comes to SMM “Social Media Marketing” and getting your brand and its message across effectively on social media channels. Company branding, SEO and marketing your business doesn’t end with simply having a great website. There are so many ways to get your business in front of a relevant audience, and the various social media platforms present a veritable goldmine of potential customers.

Why SMM “Social Media Marketing”?

With good website SEO your website and its individual pages and posts will naturally rank high in the search engines, bringing organic search engine traffic to your business’s online presence. But you don’t want to rely on organic traffic alone for website visitors. No, you want to go to where your customers hang out, and that’s on social media.

SMM entails reaching out to your customers on social media, creating a presence on social media channels and regularly interacting with your customers or potential clients through regular updates and announcements. These days social media marketing is one of the very best ways to build a company brand, be more accessible and, most importantly, build trust.

The more attention you get and the bigger your following on social media, the more traffic you will drive to your website. A good social media campaign can drive a lot of traffic to your website, and in quick time if done right.

You Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy

At Creactive Inc. we have set up and rolled out many a successful social media campaign for our clients; increasing brand recognition, trust and website traffic. When potential customers arrive at your company website through a social media post or interaction, they are a warm lead, have more faith in what you are offering and this customer has a much higher likelihood of converting into a sale or booking.

When we set up an effective social media strategy, we target the following popular social media platforms:

How Does SMM “Social Media Marketing” Work Exactly?

Customers love to interact with brands through social media. It gives people a chance to voice opinions, contribute, and receive responses directly from the brand’s representative. Often brands will promote sales and special deals through social media, leading to an immediate response from a qualified group of leads and followers.

An effective social media strategy will include setting up a business page on Facebook and updating it with regular posts. A Twitter account with daily tweets pertinent to your business is a quick and effective way to get your message across. If you sell a product, creating a YouTube video featuring a review of a product is an awesome promotional tool.

LinkedIn is like the business social media platform, and if your company is involved in business to business marketing, then having an active presence on LinkedIn is essential. Pinterest and Instagram are much more visual in design and are great for showcasing new product releases, humorous images, or anything relevant that attracts followers and creates engagement.

What social media marketing is all about is creating interaction with potential customers, engaging with them, having them share your content, effectively spreading the word even wider about your business and what you offer.

And the real beauty about using social media for your branding and marketing is, most of it is free! There are paid advertising options too, such as Facebook advertising and Twitter promotions, but for the most part it’s free advertising.

Creactive Inc. – Your Social Media Experts

Our company is rated as one of the top SEO businesses in America, but our expertise doesn’t end with creating and designing beautiful websites that get found in the search engines. We also live and breathe social media and fully understand just how effective SMM “Social media Marketing” can be for business growth.

Get in touch with a social media consultant today at Creactive Inc. to discuss our social media marketing services and how we can help you. There is an art to good social media marketing, so put your SMM campaign in the hands of the experts. We guarantee to deliver great results.

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