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The Best Garage Door Install Olympia, WA

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Besides keeping your vehicles safe, garage doors also serve as entry into the house. It also boosts the home’s value and increases its curb appeal.

All these are significant perks, ones you should try to enjoy. But you cannot do that with a substandard quality garage or a malfunctioning one.

And because of that, garage door services are very vital. So, if you need a new garage door installed in Olympia, WA, or need a repair of your existing one, then you are at the right place.

We have highlighted the various types of garage doors with their benefits and the top garage door companies you can rely on in Olympia, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Ready to start? Let’s get into it!

What are the various types of garage doors?

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are prevalent and the most durable option. Galvanized steel is the most common type of steel garage door.

They are incredibly sturdy and come in a variety of sizes. For larger openings, they are often installed with extra support bars.

Though not as popular as galvanized steel, stainless steel is also ideal. It is super resistant to corrosion and has a long lifespan.

Steel garage doors are available in different colors, finishes, and styles. A steel garage door can be painted or powder-coated over its surface. Some also have a vinyl covering, usually textured, to prevent rusting.

Steel is your best option if you don’t want to compromise on durability!

Benefits of Steel Garage Door

Wood Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are also widespread, especially when it comes to homes in Olympia, WA. They are perfect for commercial and residential use, as they come in various styles and finishes to suit the needs of all home buyers.

Wooden Garage Doors look beautiful in homes with garden-style landscaping as it complements wooden houses. Its style also matches rustic themes with natural materials.

Wooden Garage Doors are easy to install and maintain. However, they require regular maintenance to keep them and the surrounding area safe and protected from moisture damage or other problems.

Benefits of Wood Garage Door

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass garage doors are made of polyester resin, polyester fibers, and polyurethane. They are less common than steel or wooden ones, but they make great choices for residential and commercial use.

Fiberglass Garage Doors come in various colors, styles, and finishes to suit your preferences.

Benefits of Fiberglass Garage Door

Aluminum panels

Insulated or glazed aluminum garage doors are an excellent choice for use in residential garage doors in Olympia, WA.

There are several advantages you can get from insulated aluminum garage door panels:

Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl garage doors are made from PVC plastic sheets with mesh covering. The vinyl is usually tempered and coated with a layer of plastic to prevent it from being damaged by weather elements.

Vinyl doors are commonly used in residential homes because they are easy to install, affordable, and come in various colors and patterns.

Many homeowners choose vinyl garage doors because they require more effortless maintenance and cleaning.

Vinyl doors also have exceptional energy efficiency. They provide excellent insulation to keep the indoor temperature safe and regulated while maintaining a cool breeze during summer.

Benefits of Vinyl Garage Doors

Types of Garage Doors Based on Design

There are two main types of garage door designs:

The Overhead Garage Door

These garage doors open vertically, which is why they are often called ‘up-and-over’ garage doors. They may be fitted with an electric motor or a hydraulic system to lift them up and down.

For overhead doors that open with the aid of an engine, there’s a spring mechanism that counterbalances the door’s weight.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors are the most common type of garage door that you can see in homes in Olympia, WA.

Even though they are very convenient and easy to use, there are still some things you need to know about this type of garage door before purchasing one:

Unlike overhead doors, sliding garage doors roll on a track along the ceiling and floor. They usually have several trails and panels which slide into each other.

These panels typically come with privacy glass or windows. You can also find sliding glass with a screen or without it depending on your preference.

Now that we know the various types of garage doors, which companies in Olympia, WA, can you rely on and trust?

Choosing the Best Garage Door Company in Olympia, WA

To select the ideal garage doors for your home, you need to consider a few things: cost effectiveness, durability, and maintenance.

But most of all, you should consider the overall safety of it and your family or business. Here are some factors you have to take into account when comparing different companies:


Always know about a company’s reputation before deciding whether it’s the right company for you. Try to read reviews from previous customers or find out what they think about the services they receive from said company.

Available Products and Services

This is another essential factor to consider. Make sure the company can offer you the products and services you need.

For example, if you want quality garage doors that will last a long time and are also energy efficient, then ensure that your chosen company can provide you with these.

Customer Service

This is also important since it will help you know how friendly their staff members are. And if they have a good reputation among customers, then chances are they’ll also have good customer service.


Having a good warranty is a factor you need to check out. If the company offers you a warrant for your garage door, then make sure that they will provide it for the entire life of your product.


Consider price when looking into various companies in Olympia, WA. The cost of products and services can differ significantly from one company to another.

So, always research and see their prices before deciding which company to choose. However, it’s advisable to base your choice on factors other than cost.

Reviewing the Top 2 Garage Door Service Companies

If you need a garage door installed, repaired, or replaced, you should find the best garage door service company in Olympia, WA.

We have chosen the top two garage door service companies in Olympia, WA, for you to compare.

Here is what we found:

#1. Our Top Pick: All Options Doors

All Options Doors company has been around for decades. They are a locally operated company that provides quality services and products.

Some of their services include garage door installation and repair services and automatic gate installation & repair services! They also offer customized overhead doors and other products.

This company comes highly recommended by past customers for various reasons, from their certified technicians and fast service to great communication.

Read one of their testimonials below:

“Brad has helped me install garage door openers at two separate houses, and I have been very pleased with his service both times. He is very responsive, knowledgeable, fast, and does high-quality work at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend him for any garage door servicing you may need. 

-Yvonne C.”

All Options Doors has an excellent track record and has been around for years. They have a strong team of certified professionals and offer excellent service.

All their garage doors and accessories have solid warranties, indicating they are confident in their work and products.

Contact them for any of the following:

#2. Garage Door Repair Installation

Garage Door Repair Installation provides a range of products and services. They have been around for more than 40 years, which is why they are considered trusted and experienced.

They offer reliable services in a timely manner and at affordable rates. They also stand by their products with quality warranties.

Be it a broken spring or openers that have stopped working properly; you can rely on this company.

Some of their services include:

A customer review read:

“Very efficient and dedicated to customer service. They came after regular business hours. Very knowledgeable and worked quickly. They took the time to explain the problem very well.”

Lori Evanc. 


Garage doors are like the gateway to your home, protecting your car and belongings from burglars and other criminals.

But despite how practical they are, they can be prone to problems – exceptionally if not maintained well.

Troubleshooting problems with your garage door can be tricky, so contact one of the experts mentioned above for the best service.

Our top pick from the list is All Options Doors; they have all the right doors, great service, and an excellent track record.

Visit their site for further info.

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