A lot of decision-making is needed when starting to build your dream home. From the type of home you want, what space you need, what amenities a home should have, and more.

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We will discuss the critical questions you should ask before starting a home-building process.

We also know that a significant part of home building is the home builders you hire. So, we have gone ahead to pick our best home builder in Harrisburg, PA – Simmcon Systems.

Read on to review the said company and why you should work with it over other house builders in the area.

Critical Questions You Must Ask When Building a Home

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Do you prefer a custom-built or an already-constructed house?

A custom-built home can be a bit costlier but very much desired if you want something unique. The existing home can be more affordable, but it might not fit the needs or style of your family.

Picking the suitable type of home is essential since it will allow you to budget and plan better.

What kind of amenities would you like?

These include things like outside space, garages, and attic storage. If you are also planning to sell your house in the future, such amenities could increase its value.

Which type of home do you want?

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This is an essential question before deciding on a home builder. It will also determine what options would be available for your home. There are many different types of houses that you can build, but the main ones include the following:

  • Split-level home: This is a two-story house with a lower level where your kitchen, living room, and dining area will be. The upper level will contain the bedrooms and other rooms, such as the main bedroom.
    This type of home is suitable for families that want enough space for their children to play. It also provides a sense of privacy.
  • Townhouse/Condo: This type of home is a smaller version of the split-level home, which will offer you more room than a single-level home. This type of building is good for you if you have a tight budget and want to live in an apartment-type house.
    If you want more space, the best option would be to build one with two levels instead of just one. You could also opt for a detached house if you need more space.
  • Single-Family Home: Single-family home has only one level. This type of home comes in two styles: a detached home or an attached house.
    The detached house is the choice for those who prefer their privacy, but it might come at a higher cost. The attached family would suit those who want their home to fit more than one family.
  • Cottage/Bungalow: A cottage or bungalow is a simple-looking dwelling that you can have built in your yard to make it look more beautiful when you go outside.
  • Ranch-style house: This is a home with a wide-open floor plan and has only one level. When looking for a home with a comprehensive open floor plan, look for this type of house. It is perfect for those needing more privacy and space than other types.
  • Contemporary house: This is a modern house with a very contemporary style. It can have an open layout or be set up like an apartment building with different levels.
    You can even build two- and three-level houses if you choose this option. These houses are durable and can be a good choice for those who want to maximize their space and prefer a sleek and clean line look.
  • Traditional house: Traditional houses are more conventional. In contrast to contemporary design with sleek designs, traditional homes are more rustic and might be more suitable for those not in the latest design styles. Some of these designs have antique features, creating a more historical-looking house.

4. What kind of materials would you like in your home?

someone constructing a brick and cement wall

There are several designs and styles to choose when you want to build a new house. The materials you would like in your home could depend on the overall design you want for your house and the style of your area.

Most people will prefer wood as their choice of material since it is more classic than other materials and is cheaper than others.

Other materials include stone, bricks, metal, glass, cement, and vinyl. Talk to a professional for advice on this.

The main concerns with building materials are:

  • Are they energy efficient?
  • Are they durable?
  • Do you like the appearance
  • Are they best for your area?
  • Do they fit your budget? And more.

What kind of layout would you like?

These include things like the floor plan and the exterior design.

You should know what style you want your house to have before deciding on a home builder because it will help you find a better architect or designer for your home.

You can also ask for suggestions from your builder if you are unsure about the best style to choose. You can also choose different floor plans, such as the townhouse, condominium, ranch home, and split-level.

How much would you like to spend?

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It will help you determine if you can afford a custom-built home with the proper specifications that you want.

If you are hoping to find a custom home with well-thought-out architectural details and unique designs, it will cost more than other options.

Some people would like to find a larger house with all the special features you want for your home. However, this will cost you more than other options.

How many bedrooms would you like?

This is important if you plan to have a big family because it will determine how much space your children can have in their bedrooms.

You might also have a smaller family and still want enough rooms for your children to sleep in, especially if there are many.

How many bathrooms would you like?

This is vital because it will determine the number of bathrooms in your home. You can also pick a house with fewer bedrooms if you think you won’t need too many rooms.

What kind of utilities would you like?

These include the location of the electric meter, water line, and telephone jacks.

You will need an electric meter if you have an electric stove in your kitchen. The location of the water line will determine where you can have it installed in your home.

The telephone jacks will determine where you can have your telephone cables.

Do you need to build in a specific area?

This is important if you have a preferred neighborhood for the location of your new construction or if you are building near the workplace or schools.

You must ask your home builder questions before deciding what kind of house you want. This will also help you determine how much you would like to spend, how big your home will be, the kind of materials they will use, the style of your home, and much more.

While you may have to spend more on your house, it will be worth it in the long run. You can also decide to take a loan from your bank if you cannot afford it.

If you plan on building a home, remember that there are many things to consider and choose from. Getting the correct information and guidance from experienced people in home building is a good start.

A home is a significant investment and should be designed according to your needs and preferences. Remember, you can always ask for help to find the right architect or builder for your dream house.

So, Who are the Best Home Builders in Harrisburg, PA?

SimmCon Systems


SimmCon Systems is a trusted name in the construction industry. They are a family-owned company and the most recommended custom home builder in the Harrisburg area.

Since they started operation 30 years ago, they have built many luxurious high-end homes for several customers in and around Harrisburg, PA.

The beautiful custom homes they have constructed have earned them trust among home seekers and residents of this region.

Some of their home building services include:

  • Additions
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Insulation
  • Remodels
  • Renovations
  • Septic System Installs
  • Foundation Install
  • Landscaping
  • Excavation
  • Stucco
  • Site Preparation
  • And more

What Makes SimmCon Systems Different from The Rest?

  • They employ advanced techniques to ensure your home is built quickly but with high quality. You can trust that they will make your home with utmost care so that it won’t cause any future problems.
  • The entire team consists of certified, trained staff that can assist you with any queries or questions regarding home construction. The staff is friendly and skilled in building homes.
  • They have the necessary permits and licenses needed to support home construction.
  • You can get a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your housing needs to decide on the best custom home builder for your budget and needs.
  • Their service has earned them several awards, including the 2020 Excellence in Safety Award.
  • They can provide home-building plans and custom exterior and interior design plans that will fit your needs.
  • They are highly rated for their excellent service and friendly staff.
  • The company is available 24/7 and can provide timely customer assistance.

We recommend Simmcon Systems because they have experience, exceptional customer service, top-notch skills, and advanced technology needed to build your dream home.

They also have a track record of building quality and attractive homes that will last a long time.

Are you interested in working with them? Visit their website or call.

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