Since 1940 Wendelighting has been setting the world standard for all forms of fine lighting for artwork. With a worldwide audience that particularly targets the US, Canada and Mexico, Wendelighting know just how to bring your art to dazzling life.

What Is Art Lighting?

This category of lighting refers to the art of designing and installing lighting that serves to highlight art and sculptures through the strategic placement and form of the lighting. Some of the services of Wendelighting include, but are not limited to:

  • Accent lighting
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Artistic lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Fine art illumination
  • LED lighting of art
  • Recessed lighting for artwork
  • Lighting manufacturer
  • All forms of lighting art

There is little point in having beautiful artwork in a home, gallery, hotel or museum without it being illuminated in all its glory, and that’s exactly what Wendelighting have been excelling at for over 70 years.

Art Illuminated by Wendel Comes to Life!

Offering a wide range of recessed lighting and surface mounted lighting for artworks, Wendelighting are the absolute masters of bringing fine art and sculptures to vivid life. With controlled lighting, art is transformed from merely being pleasant to look at, to being the masterpiece the artist intended it to be. Designers, collectors and curators the world over seek out Wendelighting for all their artistic lighting needs. No company knows how to bring artwork to life like Wendel does.

The WENLUX® Projector is the flagship of Wendelighting. With its fantastic array of light settings it can be adjusted to make art pop with a sharp focus light border. Alternatively, with a fade in lens, art can be made to blend in with the surrounding architecture. The choice is yours and Wendel can do it all.

Recessed and surface WENLUX lighting systems for artworks provide three lighting options that will illuminate your art like no other systems can. Lighting can be accented to highlight specific areas or smaller pieces, while wash lighting is the perfect solution for illuminating even the largest and tallest pieces of art or sculpture.

Recessed WENLUX lighting systems use a variable optic framing projector to bring out the very best in recessed works of art.

Wendelighting Celebrates 4 Generations of Lighting Excellence

Since its inception in 1940, four generations of the family owned and operated business have been delivering the finest art lighting the world over. Their exquisite range of lighting has been featured in the world’s most revered galleries and some of the most expensive residences on the planet.

They make all their own products and design all their lighting systems with the quality, tastes and desires of each individual customer in mind. They even design and install magnificent landscape lighting. After all, some landscapes are truly a work of art in themselves.

To have your art brought to vivid life by the world leaders in fine art lighting, reach out to Wendelighting to discuss your requirements. Call today on 800-528-0101 or 626-303-1142 to discover just what magic they can bring to your life.

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