Tiles are beautiful and robust, and when installed correctly, they can be really durable. However, like everything, wear and tear eventually prevails over their durability.

Cracks, chips, or dents are some of the tile problems that can easily detract the beauty of your once beautiful tiles.

So, what causes tile breakage?

broken tiles

Tiles are durable, especially ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, and it surprises many that they break. Many reasons may lead to a tile breaking; some of which may be due to:

  1. Accidents – dropping something heavy on a tiled floor can leave some dents or cause it to break.
  2. Incorrect tile installation – tile breakage and tile problems sometimes result from underlying issues. Usually, it could be from improper joist installation, incorrect application of the adhesion, or the use of unsuitable adhesion.
  3. Cracked substrate – if the underlying substrate is broken, the tile can easily break.
  4. Extreme temperature changes also cause tiles to break. For example, installing indoor tiles outdoors can make them prone to cracking.

These are just some of the causes for your tile breaking. However, that’s not the end for your tiles; you can still get them fixed.

So, if you seem to notice any cracks or dents on your tiles, we understand the disappointment, and we are here to help.

Yet still, there’s always that temptation to put off fixing the tile issues, especially if it’s a hairline crack.

However, no matter how minor the dent or crack, tile repair is one of those tasks you don’t want to put off for later. Here’s why:

  1. Water damage
    One of the most common reasons to repair tile is water damage. When water seeps through cracks or holes in your tile, it can cause severe damage to your home. Water damage can lead to mold growth, rot, and structural damage if left unrepaired.
  2. Aesthetics
    Another reason to repair tiles is for aesthetic reasons. Cracked or chipped tiles can make your home look old and rundown. By fixing these damaged tiles, you can help improve the overall appearance of your home.
  3. Safety
    Damaged tiles can also pose a safety hazard. When tiles are cracked or chipped, they can become sharp and dangerous. This is especially risky if you have young children or pets in your home. By repairing your damaged tiles, you can help keep everyone in your home safe from harm.
  4. Value
    If you’re thinking about selling your home, repairing the tiles can also help increase its value. Damaged tiles can make potential buyers think twice about purchasing your home. However, by repairing these damaged tiles, you can help increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.
  5. Avoid costly replacements
    Finally, repairing tiles can also help you avoid costly replacements. If you wait too long to repair a damaged tile, you may eventually need to replace the entire tile.
    This can be very expensive and time-consuming. By fixing the single tile now, you can avoid replacing a lot more later down the road.

So, to maintain your family’s safety, prevent further damage, or keep a beautiful appeal, it’s imperative to fix your tiles as soon as they break or dent.

Should I repair my tiles on my own?

Tile repair

Sure, DIY projects are taking over the world, and it’s understandable if you want to repair your tiles on your own. However, we suggest hiring an expert; why?

A lot of things could go wrong with DIY projects, for example:

  • You could worsen the problem
  • You may end up with messy the grout lines with crooked space tiles
  • Plus, you may not even realize there’s an issue with your fix, to begin with

Hiring experts, on the hand, gives you room to avoid all the mishaps. Plus, this is not the first rodeo for the experts, meaning they will always get it right the first time and have the right tools to get the job done the correct way.

Hire the Best Tile Repair Contractors in Spokane, WA.

There are so many tile repair contractors around Spokane Valley, WA. While this may be a good thing, it can also be a negative thing since you may get confused about which company is reliable, especially if you’ve never had to use their services before.

But you are in luck. We’ve researched and verified some Spokane tile contractors based on their professionalism, experience, customer review, and reliability.

And we’ve narrowed our search to the top three contracting companies you can trust for your tile services.

Check them out:

#1. Legacy All Surface

Tile repair

Our first pick is Legacy All Surface, a fully licensed and insured company that does an awesome job in every home project they handle.

The company specializes in resurfacing services for bathrooms, bathtubs, countertops, shower stalls, kitchen surfaces, workspaces, enclosures, tile floors, and cupboards.

They also assist their clients find the best solution for their countertops, be it kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and choosing a countertop design.

Their experts also do an excellent job in surface repair of ceramic tile, bathroom floor, terrazzo wood, laminate, porcelain tile, marble, concrete garage floors, driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, etc.

Apart from its experts’ incredible skill set, this company stands out among its competitors because of its exceptional customer service; a client described them as “extremely professional and helpful.”

To top it all off, the company has a 100% recommendation on HomeAdvisor with 21 verified reviews and a 5-star rating.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable contractor that will take you through the whole process professionally and offer high-quality services at affordable prices, Legacy All Surface is the company for you.

They serve the following areas:

  • Spokane
  • Hayden
  • Cheney
  • Coeur d Alene
  • Rockford
  • Post Falls
  • Four Lakes
  • Rathdrum

If you’re from these areas, you can call them at 509-370-9912 or visit them at Spokane, Washington 99205-3077. They make your interior remodeling process as smooth as possible.

#2. Spokane Stone Creations, LLC

Tile repair

Established in 2014, Spokane Stone Creations LLC is a locally and family-owned business. It has been providing high-quality home renovations at the best reasonable price around.

The company specializes in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, cabinet services, natural stone countertops, new tile flooring installation, and tile repair.

They have a variety of beauty for their stone countertops, including marble, quartz, granite, tile, and Silestone.

Spokane Stone Creations LLC uses cutting-edge technology to make your dream kitchen or bathroom happen faster than their competition, saving them time while ensuring you get the best service for your money.

They service the following places in Spokane, WA:

  • Airway Heights
  • Country Homes
  • Fairwood
  • Four Lakes
  • Freeman
  • Marshall
  • Mead
  • Spokane Valley
  • Idaho
  • Post Falls
  • Veradale
  • Millwood
  • Spokane

If you’re from these areas, you can call them or visit their website.

#3. Design Tile and Flooring LLC

Tile repair

Our final pick is Design Tile and Flooring LLC. The company has been in business since 2007. Since its inception, its goal has always been to provide quality products and installations for its clients.

The company was originally a title company with over 16 major manufacturers and hundreds of options. However, in 2019, the company expanded to include other flooring options such as hardwood, laminate, carpet, and LVP.

This expansion allows clients to mix and match their home style between tiles and other flooring options. Their options are also high-end, but at affordable pricing.

The company is also known for excellent customer service. Their contractors handle the job according to what the clients want and need, and you can read their clients’ testimonies on Google and Houzz.

Their specialty includes bathroom remodeling, tile floor installation, backsplash installation, kitchen remodeling, tile sales, tile repair, hardwood flooring, carpet installation, LVP installation, etc.

Give them a call if interested in their services, primarily if you reside in:

  • Country Homes
  • Fairwood
  • Spokane
  • Spokane Valley
  • Mead
  • Mica
  • Millwood
  • Newman Lake
  • Otis Orchards
  • State Line Village
  • Freeman
  • Greenacres
  • Hauser
  • Liberty Lake
  • Veradale
  • And 20 miles radius of Spokane

Or visit their website.

What’s Our Pick?

When it all comes down to choosing one company, we recommend Legacy All Surface. Here’s why:

  • The company is licensed and insured- meaning you can rest assured that your home is in the best legally approved hands possible.
  • Experience – they’ve only been in business for a few years, but in that time, they have managed to gain a good clientele within the region.
  • Competent and trustworthy – their services are by no doubt high-quality. Their customers have a lot of positivity to share about that, and referrals have majorly contributed to their clientele.
  • They have great communication – their fantastic job is complemented by their prompt communication with their clients.
  • And of course, their love for their work clearly shows in what they do; see their gallery and be the judge.

Because of these reasons and more, we believe Legacy All Surface is guaranteed to offer you the best experience.

So, what’s your pick?