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If you’re debating whether you want to buy a pre-existing home or have new home construction, it is important to weigh out the benefits and disadvantages of both. Although pre-existing homes offer many conveniences, they also come with their own set of shortcomings.

For example, buying a home is a huge risk and you may find out that there are a long list of costly maintenance and repair issues once it is too late. Additionally, pre-existing homes typically do not have the same warranty as new home construction.


Consider these essential benefits of hiring the custom home builder from Barbour Built Construction:

  • Completely personalize your home. The most advantageous aspect of building a home from scratch is that you are able to get exactly what you want. Cookie-cutter homes may not suit your personal needs and lack in several qualities.
  • Have unique finishes. When you hire a custom home builder, the options are endless for your residential renovations. You can feel free to design each room to suit your taste.
  • Choose a custom floor plan. With pre-existing homes, what you see is what you get. Working with building contractors allows you to choose your dream layout.
  • Save money down the road. You won’t have to worry about maintenance, repairs, upgrades and reconfigurations.


Barbour Built Construction has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and they strive to provide the best new home construction services in the Durham and Chapel Hill, NC area. They are not finished with a project until you are completely satisfied with their services, and they will go above and beyond to ensure you receive your dream home.

Increase the Value of Your Property With Residential and Commercial Renovations

Whether you want to improve your property’s curb-appeal, or you are considering bathroom and kitchen remodeling, the team at Barbour Built Construction has got you fully covered. Their general contractors are among the best and offer a multitude of home remodeling services to increase the value of your property.


They understand how difficult the remodeling process can be, which is why they do everything they can to make the process as easy as possible for you. Give them a call today at 919-337-6752 for all of your residential and commercial renovation needs. Barbour Built Construction reached out to Creactive while looking for a digital marketing near agency Chapel Hill, Durham NC area.

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