With people staying at home more now than ever, DIY projects have gained massive popularity, and it is no surprise why. Not only are DIY projects safe, but they are also budget-friendly and fun to complete. 

Best kitchen remodeling ideas


Depending on your goals, you can give your home an entire successful makeover that looks professional without an expert’s help. A kitchen and bathroom remodeling project can also give you and the family a fun activity to do that’s creative and requires minimum to no contact with anyone outside your home.


So, if you’re thinking about renovations for your kitchen or bathroom, consider these projects that are ideal for everyone, from the novice beginner to the experienced remodeler. 


Change the Ambiance of Your Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent more days indoors now more than ever. If you’re starting to get bored with the interior of your home or bored in general, you’re not alone. Change up the vibe of your home, refresh your space, and stay occupied with an easy and creative DIY painting project. 


Here are some reasons why you should consider painting your kitchen or bathroom:


  • Painting is a fantastic, overall foolproof way to remodel your kitchen or bathroom even for beginners. For starters, if you make a mistake, it can be easily corrected, especially when compared to other remodeling projects. This advantage takes off the pressure of doing a “perfect job”.
  • A fresh coat of paint can provide a huge ROI without many upfront costs. According to research, painting your bathroom blue can add as much as $3,000 to your home’s overall sale price. Since paint is budget-friendly, it provides homeowners with a great return. 
  • Set the right mood with your room’s color. For example, warmer colors are known to increase the room’s level of energy. In contrast, cooler colors are known to have calming and soothing effects. For kitchens, colors such as yellow, green, blue, and purple are recommended. Similarly, for bathrooms, blue, yellow, and purple are recommended.
  • Relatively low downtime. On average, it takes 4-6 hours to paint a room from the preparation to the cleaning stage. 


Give Your Bathroom or Kitchen Design a Brand-New Look With Easy DIY Lighting Installations


Lighting is often underrated and overlooked when it comes to remodeling projects. However, new lights are a fantastic way to enhance your existing kitchen or bathroom and give it the final touches. Here are some reasons to consider a DIY lighting project:


  • There are several types of lighting. Whether you want to create a warm and cozy aura or enhance certain features of your kitchen, chances are there is the perfect lighting to create the right mood. 
  • You can change the lighting in your home without the help of a professional. A quick search for “kitchen and bath stores near me” will guide you to the right place to get everything you need for your DIY project.
  • Although more detail may be required, changing or adding lights is relatively less time-consuming than other renovations around the house. 


Complete a Cabinet Makeover Without Stepping Outside of Your Home


If the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom are beginning to look worn-down or outdated, a cabinet makeover is also an ideal remodeling project. It will give your entire space a new look and feel. 


A cabinet makeover is relatively affordable to complete, although it does require more time and detail than some other DIY projects. However, with several step-by-step tutorials and different techniques to choose from, finding the ideal cabinet makeover project is easier than ever. In most cases, you can order everything you need online for this type of DIY project, making it completely covid safe.

Get the Results You Want for Your Remodeling Project 


These are all easy and affordable DIY remodeling projects that are covid safe and will help improve your home. However, if you need further assistance, a quick search for “kitchen and bath remodeling near me” will help guide you to a professional for more information. 


Depending on the scope of your project, an expert will be able to tell you if the results you desire are achievable through DIY. Keep in mind that larger renovations may require additional help from a certified remodeler. Most companies follow covid safety guidelines, making drastic remodeling changes possible even during the quarantine. 

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