Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a vital part of today’s business strategy. Many consumers now instinctively turn to the internet to find the goods and services they want. Even if they will ultimately visit a brick and mortar establishment, they still rely on the top online search results to guide them to the best choices. The top New York SEO companies help businesses to establish a strong online presence that will make them discoverable to potential clients. 

Reaching the high ranking in Google search results that will drive online traffic to your site requires a multipronged approach in online marketing. Before we look at the key aspects in digital marketing that contribute greatly to building rank, let us consider some of the benefits that businesses can derive from hiring a top local SEO company. 


Key Benefits of Online Marketing

  • 24/7 Marketing

Once the business site up and running, you get to enjoy the benefits of full-time marketing. Even without monitoring, anyone, anywhere in the world can find out about what your business has to offer and possibly facilitate purchases if the site is equipped to do so. This is an excellent convenience that allows clients to access your business whenever they want. It is unlike brick and mortar establishments that distinct opening and closing times, and customers must engage with staff to transact. 

  • Excellent Return On Investment

Even when hiring one of the top New York SEO companies, you find that you get plenty of exposure and opportunity to connect with potential customers as compared to any other forms of marketing. Compared to more traditional avenues of marketing like TV and newspaper advertisements, coupons and flyers, online marketing is more affordable and effective. 

  • Better Targeting

Consumers online activity is tracked, providing top SEO companies with information that can help in identifying the most viable customers. By knowing such details as purchase history, search engine queries, and location, potential customers can be identified and provide a chance to make targeted offers that match their interests. Once a purchase is made, the provision of additional information like e-mail addresses and telephone numbers provides another channel for direct marketing. 

  • Revenue Boost

The best impact that comes from SEO is on the business bottom line. High ranking in search results means more visibility and more people clicking through to the business site. With more online traffic, there will be more transactions effected and more revenue generated.

Online Marketing Components

For an online marketing campaign to prove effective in building rank, several elements that must be factored in to achieve maximum visibility. Here are the top components that should be included:

  • SEO – To build and retain a high ranking over the long term. This ongoing exercise provides excellent exposure and is the strongest boost for revenue generation
  • Content Marketing – this supports SEO by utilizing keywords to develop content that is related and useful to consumer search queries. This helps turn these leads into actual sales. 
  • Social Media Marketing – these platforms offer a way to connect quickly, directly, and openly with consumers. It helps to drive traffic to the business site and establish, or take advantage of, trends. 
  • Web Design – the appearance, layout, and speed of the business site have a strong impact on whether a visitor will click through to other webpages or go back to search results. Mobile optimization also helps connect with online visitors that prefer carrying out searches on smaller devices.
  • Email –  is a strong channel for educating customers on new products or services, direct traffic to specific webpages and influence trends. Offers a great way to cultivate your relationship with customers by personalizing offers and rewards. 

Other marketing elements that can add value to your digital marketing strategy include the use of paid advertisements, videos, webinars, and marketing analytics. The selection of elements to include may depend on such factors as the nature of the business and marketing budget. 

The Top 3 New York SEO Companies

  1. Geek in NY (

A Google award-winning online marketing company, Geek in NY offers a full-service digital marketing approach that includes web development, online marketing, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and sales optimization. With consistently highly rated reviews, the team has earned a reputation for being very responsive to client queries and providing quality work in a short amount of time. 

Their talent and passion are clearly evidenced by the stellar work they produce and the results derived by the businesses. With over 12 years’ experience in the business and almost 300 clients served, there is a wealth of expertise to take advantage of from this team. Their strong communication and focus make them a great choice whether you are looking to revamp your website or are starting from scratch. 


  1. Advernation (

With a six-step process, from the point of contact with this top SEO company to completion of work, customers are guided through a digital marketing strategy that is designed to see them reap great financial reward through lead and sales generation. By staying on top of the latest changes in the SEO landscape, this team ensures their small business clients retain their high ranking in the long term.   

Their services include SEO, social media marketing, website advertising, video marketing, and PPC management. Each client receives a detailed personalized online marketing plan and timeline for execution. The team has become renowned for adhering to this schedule and producing results as early as on the day of project completion. If you want to start seeing leads quickly, this is the best SEO company for it. 

  1. Search Berg (

This top SEO company works hard at brand enhancement. Their strategies focus on making small businesses earn a big reputation as authorities in their field and establish high ranking on platforms like Google and Yahoo. They concentrate strongly on keyword research, content creation and SEO to deliver results. 


They carry out extensive research not just on the businesses seeking their services, but also on the industries they operate in and the competition they face. Their excellent results produced for clients can be attested to by their strong reviews and multiple awards from Sitejabber, UpCity, and GoodFirms. Their moderately priced local SEO packages also make them an affordable SEO company with a unique money-back guarantee offer.

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